Acne scar?

how do i get rid of scar that are left over from acne? please facilitate please and thank you in finance for answering

Microderm Abrasion by beauticontrol. I have used it for 2 years and my scar are gone. It is less expensive than surgury.
ask your doctor
nil short of plastic surgery sorry u can cover it up with brand up
try coco butter. put it on the scars every dark. be honest unless you go and get laser surgery you can't get rid of them. But they do fade on their own next to time. Besides dont worry even the "sexiest man alive" have acne scars...

So be confident and most credible people don't even interest them.
Daily treatments of salycylic acid (5% or less) are supposed to give support to. Mederma also claims to improve the look of scar noticeably.
use lotions beside vitamin e and aloa or galaxal base, it help
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if u want information about acne scar more information
there are over the counter cremes that help out with scarring but the best bet is a chemical coat but those are expensive but work

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