Am I gonna turn gay if I breathe surrounded by a room full of gay race?

I mean is it contagious?

Frankly, at hand is something seriously wrong with you. You necessitate to get over yourself and realize that everyone is equal. You don't hold to support it or anything, but honestly, you are ust wasting your time.
That is very sexist! No, various believe that there are two ways a being becomes gay. 1) through choice or 2) from birth. I don't really know though. I've never be in that situation. Do you reflect you caught it or something?
please dont be stupid, the only method for you to turn gay is for you to have emotion for the same sex , that be such a dumb question
That is lately plain rude!
You shouldn't judge society on their beliefs.
No its not contagious. But I would not want to be around one. Being straight and not wanting come ons by gays.
No, people don't "turn" gay. They discover their innate sexuality over time.

It's slightly possible you may discover your true sexuality while in a room near a bunch of gay people. You may also discover your sexuality while surrounded by a room with straight folks.

Judging by the puerile nature of your request for information, though, you won't be discovering anything about yourself till you grow up a bit.
Don't be silly. I'm sure you breathed around smart people up to that time, and look ... you didn't catch anything next, did you?
hmmm.. depends on if your attracted to another person surrounded by that room full of gays! Seriously though, don't be a rere!!
oh jeez.

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