When doing chemotherapy, do you lose coat adjectives at once?

Does it come out when combing? Does it come out it you simply pull on your tresses? What about when wash the hair?

thank you

Answers:    it depends on what type of chemo is used...I've lost mine 3 times..and I can answer yes to adjectives 3 of your questions.it come out in my paw, when I washed it and combing it...it didn't crash down out all at once...it started somewhat at a time, but once my scalp became exceedingly painful, it come out really quickly and confidently...I literally combed out my hair surrounded by a weekend.it was so darn bumpy, I wanted it stale...then I buzzed it and shaved it.even have stubbles can hurt, since your head rubs on the pillow at nite when you sleep...whenever I hold to go wager on on chemo, the first thing I ask is if it will knock out my mane, so I have the substitute of waiting or just taking it stale...
As I understand it, the fleece won't all slump out at once but people sometimes simply shave it adjectives off as it's smaller quantity of a psychological trauma than having it falling out surrounded by clumps. If it does fall out afterwards it'll come out anytime the hair is pulled at.

In some cases unsurprisingly it doesn't happen at adjectives - depends on the drugs and the person.
No you're fleece does not fall out adjectives at once. In a few rare cases it might not fall down out at all or lone get really cracked. I've had chemo twice and the finishing time my hair didn't adjectives fall out it a short time ago got really strong. Yes if you hair does decline out just pulling on it will hand over you clumps of hair. When you dust it and when you comb it. You might find some on your pillow in the morning. It depends on respectively individual and their bodies.

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