My father inlaw go within for surgery today he have pancreatic cancer, they took a factor of his pancreas, his .?

spleen and part of his stomach. My ask is will he eat liquid first or just really small meal? I haven't been competent to ask my mother in regulation I don't want to upset her anymore then she is.

Hopefully he will know how to eat conventional food eventually, but with that innovative of operation he may never again eat typically. He most likely will enjoy to deal near problems like dumping syndrome, rash satiety (get full quickly), diarrhea etc. I wouldn't worry to much something like his diet at this point. Most likely at hand will be a lot of training done prior to him leaving the hospital.
His nurses and doctors should be capable of answer these questions. When you call in him in the hospital ask them.
He will be on intravenous fluids for a while next gradually resume oral intake.

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