9 month ripened next to constint breathing problems?

Hello all, My 9 month older daughter has have severe wheezing problems since she was in the order of 2 weeks old. She is on a nebulizer treatment every 2-3 hours,which suppose to be every 4 hours if needed. She have stomach problems which they thought was cause the prob well come to gind out thats not it. They own done all the allergy carrying out tests on her, tested her for Cystic Fibrosis which they were sure she have that and nothing. We are taking her to the ER at lowest once a week cuz she is having a concrete time breathing but since her oxygen leverl isnt "low" enough they appear not to care. Xrays show "something" surrounded by her lungs every once in awhile. But once again it isnt other there so they dont seem to be to care. I am getting terrifically frustrated. My daughter deserves to know how it feels to know how to breathe with out it individual a chunky! ANy help will be greatly appreciated.

Have you considered have your home tested for mold?

A few years back in that was a "child abuse" shield with a child of similar symptoms. The doctors have ignored Mom, as usual, and eventually call DCFS. Of course, when they took the child away she got better because she be in a different home. So, logically, they assumed it was adjectives Mom's fault. Finally Mom and Dad also have the same symptoms because the mold continued to multiply. It turned out to be mold within their home. I don't remember the names of the culture, but it was adjectives over the news at one point.

You might consider conducting tests for mold spores in your house. It couldn't hurt.
Ask your doctor almost putting her on a probiotic to help populate her intestines beside good microbes and boost the immune system. It worked wonders for my son. Make sure you get a reputable brand though, especially one near the bacterial strain Lactobacillus GG like Culturelle.
Cystic Fibrosis is something that you and her father enjoy to be carriers of for her to hold the disease. There is no other way she could enjoy it. When I was contained by college they said if you lick her forehead and it tastes salt then she may own CF. I assume that has be eliminated as a possibility though right? So my subsequent question is are you a smoker? Is she around alot of smoke elsewhere if you aren't? And be she a preemie? If she was a preemie later her immune system isn't strong enough to be capable of fight bad things as simple as a cold like you and I, so it loving of sits there and can turn into RSV ( a really unpromising cold that requires hospitalization and is only see in preemies up to more or less 2 years old) If she is around 2nd hand smoke, you want to remove her from that environment. This problem will continue and not take any better until she is away from the smoke if that is the travel case. If I know all the details I could bequeath you a better answer. Feel free to email me if your still seeking answers or want more info. As for her O2 being low surrounded by the ER, if its smoke thats causing it her O2 will be common. Even with RSV the O2 isn't other low.
First of all, if you own not already, I suggest you see a pediatric pulmonologist ASAP. They can be your best resource in helping to identify the problem. Your story sounds totally familiar to me...

You mentioned wheezing. What roughly fast breathing? Sucking within in the rib nouns or neck when breathing? Cough?

My daughter will be 2 within September, and she has be ill since she be a newborn. In a way, we be "lucky" in that her disease be severe enough for them to settle attention and not put us off for months.... We know before my daughter be a month old what we be dealing with.... Since my daughter's diagnosis next to interstitial lung disease, I have spoken next to several people who own stories just close to yours, however. Many of those children are found to have a specific ILD diagnosis. ILD is uncommon in kids, so regular doctors in recent times don't recognize it until the kid is thoroughly very sick. Keep surrounded by mind, I am just a Mom resembling you, not a doctor, so I am not trying to diagnose.. Just throwing another option out nearby. But many of our ILD kids are first thought to enjoy CF, and pediatricians are left scratch their heads when that trial comes out negative...

I am attaching some links below that you might want to help yourself to a look at....

And as a Mom who has deal with nebs every 2-3 hours for a long long time in a minute (as well as tons of test, tummy problems, lung biopsy, home oxygen use, home pulse oximetry, meds meds meds, hospital stays, ER visits, etc.), I do know purely how exhausting everything can be. If you have any question or if you just stipulation someone to talk to, you can email me directly at avk713@yahoo.com.

One entity that worries me is that you say that your daughter's saturations are not "low ample." How low is that? They may be lower at night when she is sleeping, and if you pay no attention to the low sats, it can set your daughter up for a whole lot of other problems such as pulmonary hypertension and possibly eventual heart and lung let-down. With my daughter, we are encouraged to hold her saturations at 94% or above at all times. She is presently able to do that during the year with no problem, but at hours of darkness, she still dips, so she still wears her oxygen. We are hoping that we will be rid of the O2 by the appendage of summer.

I am sure this is probably the most poorly written, rambling response... LOL. Have a great deal I want to say and can't seem to be to spit it all out... :-) I hope it turns out that I am bearing off, but I'm lately throwing another option out nearby. I do wish you the best of luck beside your daughter. Take care, and please do see that pulmonologist!
i dont know how to help out but i hope she gets in good health soon im sorry i cant help .i am to infantile to help. i am individual 9 so i dont know what to say.but , i hold breathing probs 2. but when i go to the docter near mmy dad they dont really seem to thoroughness either . i come up with normallly they will only relief if you have severe probs. i sugest you step to the emergency, it might be costly but its worth it . tell the emergency docters adjectives the syptoms and problems. they should care unlike other run of the mill docters.

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