About Strech Marks?

Is it possiable for you to be able to draw from strech marks on your buttocks? If so what are some ways to find rid of them??

What are they?
Stretch marks look similar to thin, stretched tissue, and that is to say more or less what they are. They appear within people who put on or lose mass rapidly. The upper veil of the skin is normal, but within the lower layer the collagen and elastin, which impart the skin its strength and elasticity, have become thinner and broken. At first, the grades look reddish-purple. This is because the stretched skin is more transparent and the small blood vessels that lie back deep contained by the skin show through. Later, the blood vessels contract. The purplish colour next fades to white, which is simply solid under the skin showing through.

Preventing stretch results
Try to avoid yo-yo dieting. If you are overweight, aim to lose it slowly (do not aim to lose more than 0.5 kg (1 lb) a week).

If you are pregnant, there is not much you can do except save your fingers crossed and think, “this is a small price to foot for a beautiful kid!” Rubbing baby grease into the abdomen respectively night might back. Various special creams and oils are promoted for preventing stretch grades, but there is no proof that they are efficient.

Curing stretch marks
Stretch results are permanent within the sense that the skin in these areas will never be completely average. However, after a time they contract down into much less measurable, thin, whitish scar.

Collagen creams claim that they will improve stretch results. There is no evidence that they do so. In fact, collagen and elastin put onto the surface of the skin can not get into into the deeper layers.

Cocoa butter cream, which is available from pharmacies, is recurrently recommended to soften scar, so might be worth a try.

Lasers can be used to treat stretch marks at an rash stage, when they are still red. The red blood cells surrounded by the small blood vessels hold your attention the energy from the laser rafter and convert it into heat, which next seals the blood vessel. This gets rid of the red colour and might speed up the contracting process, but is unsure whether it will make any difference contained by the long run.

It costs several hundred pounds, and can not be done under the National Health Service surrounded by the UK. As with any cosmetic treatment, check that the clinic is reputable; your doctor can probably advocate you, and look at the section on cosmetic surgery.

Tretinoin is another approach to the treatment of untimely stretch marks. There enjoy been claims that this produces alteration, but other researchers have not found any effect (Cutis 1994;54:121–4).

Surgery is a possibility for tummy stretch grades if you also have greatly of loose skin on the tummy. The operation is a ‘tummy tuck’ (removal of the skin and the fatty tissue beneath). You will be left beside scars around the belly button and across the lower stomach. This is not a minor operation and, similar to all operation, it carries risks. Recovery take several weeks.
i have that to i don t know?
Yes, and you can't go and get rid of them. Well, in time they fade.
Exercise, you cant get hold of rid of them,. but you will lgithen them up so no one will see them
Yes, it is possible to obtain them on your butt. You can NOT get rid of them. There are adjectives kinds of creams on the souk that "claim" to get rid of them. From my personal experience, don't spend your money; none of them work. If they are very small stretch grades, sometimes rubbing some self tanning lotion will make them a touch less observable, BUT, they are still there and when the tanner wear off...here those ugly things still sit. Good Luck!

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