American Heart Assocation CPR Certification?

know any place that offer this licence in La puente, california? In extension, any free TB scan? Thanks

Your AHA center is Los Angeles, according to a quick look up. I'm assuming your closure code is 91744.

Below you'll find the direct link to your regional AHA:

There you can find big contact numbers and course information. Also, you may want to find out what level of CPR you desire to be trained in. I wouldn't recommend the Heathcare Provider course unless you plan on going into healthcare, as they commonly deal beside scenarios you won't typically find outside of a medical setting. You'd in recent times be throwing cash away. I'd probably recommend Heartsaver AED for the average party. If you want the bare minimum, that's titled Friends & Family.

CPR citations is good for two years.

A TB exam is generally covered by insurance or Medicaid (or doesn`t matter what the California equivalent is). If for some reason you cannot afford one, contact the county strength office to see what they enjoy arranged.

Good luck!
chekc with your local hospitals..they usually hold CPR classes and in the medical setting it have to be AHA and not Red Cross CPR.and same for the TB test...also christen your local health dept for that assessment...

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