Acne medication/ oral?

Anyone taking Nicomide or Doyxcycline or a generic brand of the two? Just curious as to what kind of side effects you enjoy gotten, or someone you know have gotten surrounded by the past

Hey! Doxycycline!
That's what I've be on for about. uh 3 weeks very soon.

Really, everything's been fine. However, I be warned that it can incentive stomach pain, and so I bring it only after consumption, and haven't experienced any discomfort whatsoever.
At the very start of the meds, I have a slight metallic taste surrounded by my mouth along with enormously minimal swallowing difficulty that my doctor contributed to the medication, but that quickly faded (in something like... 2-3 days) and since I have have no problems with it!

Of course, it can do skin sensitivity, so I have be very meticulous about putting on a facial moisturizer beside sunblock, and I recommend that anyone taking it do the same.
the lone medication i used was accutane. the antibiotics long possession are way worsr for your system and dont really cure it. i know tons of general public who have used accutane. merely real side effect be dry lips and my skin get drier on my body. just used lots of cream lip balm and drank tons of hose. wished i would own taken it alot sooner in my time. i wouldnt have so masses depresions in my skin from the cysts. i own always spent lots of $$ on my skin get facials saw a ton of doctors before realize that accutane wasnt tne dangerouse drug its touted to be. no one i know have been through ant calamitous side effects-no elevated liver enzymes etc...just cant seize preggers on it because high doses of vitamin A cause certain connective tissues to not form okay on a feutus.thats really the only entry to worry in the region of.and you have to own blood tests every month to manufacture sure your not pregnant mostly. its an expensive drug and you usually have to bring preauthorization from your insurace to get it covered. took pictures and sent them surrounded by to my insurance-i got approved. those pictures be scary. i would recommend using it to anyone near a problem with acne. it take a toll on your self esteem and confidence. its just totally high doses of vitamin A. but we adjectives have to take home a choice if we are comfortable with it. at the point i took it i didnt assistance if i grew a tail-i wanted the acne to stop. it have been 5 years since i used it and im so glad i did. my skin is really pretty biddable most of the time. all the horrible side effects be bullsh@! just get great results and after you stop taking it theres no more side effects and can go on to enjoy a kid if thats were your at. abundant people i know own had kids after self on accutane-their babies are all majority and healthy.
if u want information roughly speaking acne medication more infor

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