Allergy grill?

I think I'm allergic to cats. When I attain around them my eyes get itchy and I usually bring a cold sore in my mouth in a day. I can apprehend the itchy eyes, but I've never heard of citizens getting cold sores from an allergy. The only time I return with them is when I'm around a cat! Any advice would be great, thank you!

Try to bring back something from your doctor to see if it helps, my son is allergic to cats and he get itchy eyes and cough and running nose and later his asthma kicks surrounded by. You could even try something OTC.
Cold sores are a strain of the Herpes virus and usually appear through stress or when your immune system is low. An allergy could perhaps set rotten a flair up, perhaps avoiding cats would be the best impression!
Why don't you ask your doctor to give you a med? My grandfather contained by law feed a homeless cat so there is a great deal of cats hanging around his house. One of relative is allergic to cat similar to you so every time she visit his house, she take her allergy med. and she is fine even cat is beside her.
get somebody to do ur available job and go to other animals for atleast 3 to 4 weeks and ask a doctor nearly before u stay away from the cats and after stay away from them when u know ur symptom

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