After you completed you chemo treatment, what subsequent? Do the doctors exam you to see if the cancer gone>?

Breast cancer. how long do they weight to see if the cancer gone?

Usually you will own follow up visits beside your oncologist every 6 months along with blood work and mammograms for at least possible 5 years. If your oncologist hasn't discussed this with you please ask why.

I am a 3 years (stage II) survivor.
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It depends on the stage of the cancer that you are dealing with. If it is a stage 1 in attendance may just be follow up visit to make sure here is no reoccurence. If it is a stage IV than you will have a CT every 3 months for the first two years, if no reoccurence than the Ct will be every 6 months and than eventually if adjectives is still clear only once a year. It really depends on how aggressive the type of cancer you enjoy what the follow up will be. Going off adjectives cancer treatment for some people is fear-provoking because in some giant risk cases they know the cancer will come back.

My son go off treatment and that be a difficult time for us. We knew the cancer would return because positively everyone with his cancer have had a reoccurence. It is an aggressive and inexorable disease that can lay dormant for an undetermined amount of time before showing up again. You obligation to stay vigilant to stay in front of it . . and it still snuck up on us. Basically, near reoccurence you are looking at disease that never really left surrounded by the first place. It was purely too small to detect and took a while to regrow and detect on a CT or PET scan.

That is the one of the primary reasons for giving chemotherapy. At the expire of treatment what is the most scary is the reality that you cannot see metastatic disease. It is often microscopic and have already traveled throughout the body and lodged elsewhere. Adjuvant chemotherapy and radiation to the primary cancer spot will hopefully kill sour all those microscopic cancer cell before they go and get a chance to establish bright tumor areas.

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