Alzheimeres,whats the subsequent step beside my mother?

moms got alzheimers,i hold moved out of town and dont get home as habitually as i want to.went home this weekend and she did not address much and when she did she could not remember some name she needed help next to standing up.walking slow and is off ballance.when we be leaving my wife go to say buy and found her conversation to herself.what stages is she in and whats subsequent.i am the youngest brothers and sisters are not telling me much,she also have heart problems i feel she will not be beside us much longer.i am having a frozen time with this and thinking almost moving back home but i enjoy my own family to pilfer care of.answers from peaple who enjoy been through this already will relieve.MDanswers are wellcome also.

I can't really comfort you too much or tell you medical stages but I would similar to you to know that you are definitely not alone. My grandmother is have all of like problems except she does not have heart problems. I don't believe my grandmother will be near us much longer simply because she is giving up on life. It is tough but since my grandma lost my grandpa she have been slowly letting walk of reality and not kind what happens to her. She is panicky all the time. She never remembers who I am and my 8 month outdated son confuses her because she was this track before he be born. She actually thought my dad be the baby's father the last time I saw her. My dad is her son! It is heart breaking but at least possible you know you are not the only one going through this. Visit her as much as you can. Just stay hushed with her and tolerate her know you love her as often as possible. You are right that you requirement to take support of your family too. Don't uproot them to see your mother more recurrently. I'm sure she would never have needed you to do that. She is your mother and wants you to b satisfied even if she can't tell you that immediately. Just do your best to see her when you can and don't feel impossible if you get too busy and miss a jamboree. You have a life span to live and yet again she would not want you to stop living your existence for her. The last entity she would ever want is to be a burden anymore than she already has to be. Try to catch your siblings to talk more abut it and even though it's not easy you may want to make sure everything is surrounded by order for when she pass. You wouldn't want that burden dumped on you or your family adjectives at once if and when she passes. I hope things go and get better for you. Enjoy your time with her while you can. And though it is downcast everyone passes and it may a moment ago be her time. Just think of adjectives the wonderful things she has done surrounded by her life and try to produce sure she is as ready as possible. Make her consistency as loved and wanted as possible to be exact all you can do. You may want to collaborate with her doctors to seize more details of how she is rather than asking your loved ones who seems to be trying to protect you but they are merely hurting you... maybe you entail to express this to them too. Good Luck and I'm sorry that this is happening to your mother. Best wishes to the unharmed family
my heart go out to the families that hold a member next to alzheimeres. my dad had alzheimeres and he is gone. i don't believe that you can other classifiy this sickness to be in definite stages as maybe close to you could with cancer. the simply thing i could vote is be there as much as possiable and try not to be suprised but be expecting things to fluctuate. my dad had times when he be fearful, when he was lost, he even go back contained by years in his untimely life and talk to you like you have been here. the saddest part be when he didn't even recognize his sons or know within names. and consequently there be times that he did recognize some of his sons. blame not a soul for this and pull together as a family unit and support each other. may God bless your ethnic group.

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