Chest Pains?

Just The Day After The Fourth Of Jluy I Had These Chest Pains For Liek3 Days And It Is Now Gone But They Did ACAt Scan XRays And An EKG And The EMergency Room Doctor Told Me My EKG Is Abnormal And To See My Doctor Whom I Am Going To See Tomorrow.. Help me Out With Some Doctor Jargon.

What Does It Mean To Have An Abnormal EKG?

An EKG is simply a representation of the rythm of your heart.
It can reveal abnormalities such as a historic MI (heart attack),
atrial fibrilation (where the upper part of your heart is trouncing quicker than the bottom of your heart), and several other irregularities that need to be diagnosed prior to decide on a treatment for you.
In a 12-lead EKG, the attach little electrical sensors at 12 different places on your chest, arms, and legs to give them
several viewpoint on the heart to see where problems could be.
If here is terminology that your doctor uses that you do not
fully read between the lines, try to write it down to look it up later.
Ask your doctor what the jargon mean within regular language.
Part of the doctors employment is communication. Some are much better than others at this task.

If the first EKG be thought to be normal, hold another one done to double-check.
Things do get overlooked sometimes within the ER.
Doctors' expertise vary greatly.
The pains could be from something excluding your heart.
Examples could be stomach upset,
hernias, muscle strain, among others.
Safety first. Check it out!
It could mean you own a potassium deficiency. That is what we usually see surrounded by the ER. Just make sure you ask question and take supervision of yourself via eat more fruits and vegetables. Also swot what your baseline vitals are like blood pressure and pulse rates. That will sustain you better maintain your bodies reaction to environmental situations.
it means its not contained by what they call "average sinus rhythm" there are tons "abnormal type rhythms" that dont explanation problems and then in attendance are others that are more worriesome...if you had the more worriesome kind then they would enjoy admitted you to the hospital and you would've be under a cardiolgists perfectionism right away. I wouldn't worry too much until after you see the specialist.he's the one to be asking adjectives the questions and will enjoy all the answers for you.
It resources there are issues next to your heart. Please make sure you see your doctor. If you look at, you will find deeply of information on heart ailments. It could be very minor, or it could be serious. You could hold a slight blockage in one of your arteries which can smoothly be corrected.
Good luck

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