AM i diabetic?

Well it all happen after i stopped drinking pepsi. One night i stayed up adjectives night drinking pepsi. AFter a hour subsequently when i stopped to go to bed, i couldnt sleep. My hear be racing so hastily. AFter it wore off and i go to sleep. I woke up and felt tired as hell after i slept 12 hours. My mind get cloudy and al lthat. It went away after a week. But i stillget little spells that end a couple of days. I went to the doctor and he did blood test. Everything came hindmost normal except my blood sugar be 100, and i fasted. Today i took my blood sugar and it be 121. I took it 30 seconds subsequent and it said 86. SO a hour after i ate (hour and 30 mins i think) i took it and it was 149. I catch sight of my pee is always wan. Even when i do drink tons of water. After i pee it out. My pee other goes final to yellow. Could it be something to do near my blood sugar? The doctor said i was "pre diabetic". My mom and dad keep saying "NO THATS NORMAL" I'm 15 and yes im VERY OVERWEIGHT. 230+ and im 5'9,5'10

Hmmm. touchy, I see. That's also a sign of diabetes, from what I've hear. Whether you qualify as a full blown or pre-diabetic is really a moot point. Your numbers are too high. You obligation to treat your daily routine as if you are a diabetic right immediately, or you're most certainly going to become diabetic and be stuck taking medication or injections for the rest of your enthusiasm.

I would recommend Patrick Quillin's book: "The Diabetes Improvement Program". It will help you infer how we become (type 2) diabetic and how to prevent it or minimize the effects once we become diabetic. It has help me a lot. My blood sugar level are quite conventional since I've been following his suggestions.
your blood sugar should be around 110, but you already know that. you of late said you've been to the even told us what he said. So why would you be asking us something you already told us you know.

WOW the genuine stupidity of some people on here.
You poor kid; your heart be racing from adjectives the caffeine in the pepsi. If you are pre-diabetic, and you should believe your doctor, next drinking lots of sugary soda is one sure way to become diabetic. It's not too unpaid to change your ingestion habits, and conceivably prevent diabetese. Stop drinking sugary drinks, start doing some walking, and be a bit more careful what you guzzle. Get out there and delight in your life!!
Well, I would attribute the shakiness, and the inability to sleep on the caffeine surrounded by the pepsi. Giving up pepsi for water is a virtuous start. Your blood sugar readings are pretty well-mannered, but with your bulk, I would start cutting put a bet on, and getting some excercise. I have be dealing with diabetes for a few years presently. You would be suprised how much walking everyday can lower your blood sugar, and increase your metabolism! Good luck to you!
Well, I would attribute the shakiness, and the inability to sleep on the caffeine in the pepsi. Giving up pepsi and start drink crystal lite and sea is a good start. Your blood sugar reading are pretty good, but son beside your weight at that size lost give or take a few 25 to 35 pound will help, I would start adjectives back on consumption late and on the brackish, and walk rather more getting some excercise will help so much. I hold been dealing next to diabetes for a few months now and I'm research that all that essence good is not worthy. You should try more fruits and greens foods sound impossible but it good pizza is honest if you add a salad next to it. You would be suprised how much walking everyday can lower your blood sugar, and increase your energy and boost your metabolism! The pee is discolor because of the pepsi and the unpromising diet. You should really try to this for yourself and ur health and soul. I'm 46 and cargo in at 420 at 6'1"Good luck to you and defeat this!
whats with those two one and the same answers.. weird
My suggestion is: go to a doctor.
We can't explain to you if you have Diabetes or not. You've told us already that you go to your doctor and everything's normal so no you don't enjoy Diabetes.
It sounds like it's the effect of a great deal of junk food, but it is still honest that you are concerned. As far as your sugar levels you are fine. Let me suggest a book for you - it is call "Sugarbusters". This book explains how diabetes works in detail. Also it will explain how to fashion a few changes to your diet to aid control what you are eating. I own been to several doctors and told that I do not enjoy diabetes, but I do have adjectives the sympthoms of it. Once I started using this method (which is actually easy) I lost something like 25 pounds in nearly 2 months without trying (I don't excersise bar walking around a little at work), also I grain a lot better, and don't hold any of the sympthoms as long as I watch how it is i'm ingestion. Best of luck to you, I know it can be scary at your age.

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