Am I going to bring back a heart attack?

I get this sharp, clogged-feeling heart cramp on my left side, right where on earth my heart is at.

The pain comes and go and when I think of it, it comes and annoys me. I am afraid of riding roller coasters, because perchance my heart will stop or something .

I have be to the Dr. before and they hold done an EKG test and a scan of my heart, etc., but everything they said be normal. They influence they are panic attacks, but they sure don't discern like it. I be prescribed some pain murderer medicine which would destroy the pain. They said it be some muscle, not heart muschle, spasm, and that there be inflammation. Would anyone know what this really is?

It hurts after eating a immense meal, Carl's Jr., etc, or drinking punch drinks, or even when I am angry.

I know there are so lots sort of chest pains. This one I get really worries me.

It's sharp and I have a feeling I can't move quickly.

I really wouldn't trust over your doctor's recommendation, especially since you have have a normal EKG.

But, if you are have a heart attack, you will likely own left-sided chest pain to be exact very, incredibly severe. It is not an annoying pain, it is severe, alarming pain. Typically, the misery of a heart attack is constant and feels close to pressure, like an elephant is sitting on your chest. It may radiate up your d¨Ścolletage, or to your left shoulder. If you are have a heart attack, you may sweat a lot. You may also be breathing faster as economically. The pain will usually be so severe that you will not be capable of do anything except lay down.

If you smoke, have illustrious blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes, you are an increased risk of have a heart attack. Also, if you are diabetic, you may not have the typical symptoms of a heart attack. Panic attacks are recurrently mistaken for heart attacks. Your pain is probably musculoskeletal, since it is sharp, intermittent, and make you feel approaching you can't move like conventional.

I hope this alleviates your fears. I would trust my doctor if I were you.
Check it is not because of hiatus hernia i.e. oesophagial reflux .by tsting for endoscopy, and if not it might be one and only because of the nervous place of birth because of the fear that you might achieve an attak and please chek for cholesterol levels and allege good exercise and butter free diet and take these medicine and recover soon

thase are homoeopathic prescriptions and they will be available within homoeopathic store
Aconite 30 3pills in the morning and evening & kali ars 30 3 pills within the afternoon and night
please be strict contained by diet and exercise
mail me
Hi! I regard as your instincts are right - it doesn't sound similar to a panic attack. I have an idea that the only choice you enjoy is to go posterior and ask for a second opinion. If critical see another doctor. Good luck!

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