Question in the order of Pro-active?

I am on it now, and it have helped my acne, but I still hold hundreds of blackheads... How long do these generally pocket to go away on Pro-active? How can I get hold of rid of them?

The Pro-Active refining mask will relief with your blackheads. If you do not already own it but a bottle and use the mask one time a week. I find that it works great. You may also use the refining shroud to spot treat acne.
I heard...haven't tried it - but if you purloin lemon juice and rub it on black head before you turn to bed and wash it rotten with cold dampen in the mornings you should see improvements contained by blackheads and skin overall...
The lemon juice trick above ^ does work, I once tried it and I saw improvements the subsequent day, but it didn't brand name them go away completly. Those strips, resembling the Biore strips for blackheads work pretty well too. Proactive does not work on blackheads.

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