A query roughly cancer..!!?

what'z the difference between all the different types of cancer e.g breast, skin, lung, colon etc etc.

is it a moment ago the locale?

Essentially all cancer types are cell that are growing uncontrollably or incorrectly. The differences are where on earth the cells are located and what cause them to grow uncontrollably or tattered and at what stage in the cell development.

The treatments are base on the where and why when specified.
The difference is that they all own different risk/aggregating factors and they adjectives have different treatments. I can bring back skin cancer from being within the sun and I can get lung cancer from inhaling too copious fumes (esp. gas). They also have different rates of mortality because I can die faster from brain cancer than from testicular cancer
I saw a report on the Discovery Health Channel something like six to seven years ago that a cure for Cancer had be found back contained by the first half of the ending century. A Cancer patient caught a frenzy; when the fever be gone so was the Cancer. The Doctor investigated this and give all of his Cancer patients fever and they all cured, 100%. And he kept curing them until he retired. Drug companies don't want anyone to do this they would lose most of their money. There be also a chart showing how with respectively new vaccine come out, the amount of people getting Cancer increased. Cancer be rare surrounded by 1950.
I had Breast cancer 6 years ago and my copy was relatively rare - here are loads of types of Breast cancer. In May I was told I have metastasized and now hold the equivalent of the same cancer but it's contained by my brain, and unfortunately nearby is nothing more they can do for me, my prognosis be 8 - 10 weeks, and I'm now partially way through that.
Each type of cancer act the same though and if it is malignant will put to death you unless it is caught early ample and treated. There are also certain benign cancer which have to be removed as they annihilate vital areas within your organs. Please anyone reading this if you have ANY lump or suspicious growth or funny looking mole, obtain it checked out NOW!
They are all enormously different. Each is affecting a different cell line, respectively has different triggers and co-factors. The progress and spread of respectively is different as is the management and prognosis.
My niece be diagnosed with lung cancer 13 years ago aged 18, appreciatively she is fine now. She read closely of information and there be over 200 different types of cancer, so that was 13 years ago so I don`t know they have found more, I be shocked.
Each cancer has its own DNA. That is roughly speaking as simple as I can make it.
Cancer happen when cells start reproducing unusually and don't die when they are supposed to. There are many oodles different types of cancer and they can be differentiated by microscopic exam. Each cancer is unique within it's cause, symptoms and treatment. Whoever wrote going on for the fever item is full of crap. Fevers do not cure cancer. The cure for cancer is not known at this time. Many cancer patients suffer from severe fever throughout their disease. Cancer does seem more adjectives now, but i.e. because people live longer and don't die from the other things that used to decimate us.
they all enjoy differnent risks... colon cancer is the most deadly... but more than partially begin near a tumor
There is too much information about adjectives the different types of cancers to mention here. Check this website out it will explain everything you requirement to know.

Cancer is defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as:

1. “A disease cause by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cell in section of the body.
2. “A malignant growth or tumour resulting from such a division of cells.
3. “Something evil or destructive i.e. hard to contain or eradicate.
“ORIGIN Latin, ‘crab or creeping ulcer’, said to own been applied to tumours because the swollen vein around them resembled the limbs of a crab.”

The different types relate to the different types of tissue contained by which it arises. The actual process of the cancer is the same - explicitly, an uncontrolled division of cells, central to uncontrolled growth. This ultimately leads to trash to the normal tissue cell.

Of course, being contained by different areas of the body, there are differences contained by how it grows, how it spreads, and the type of damage it cause. There are also different factors that trigger or stimulate the nouns of cancer, but is usually related to long-term inflammation in the nouns.

For example, smoke causes low echelon chronic inflammation in the mouth, throat and lungs, and this predisposes to lung cancer. Sunlight can incentive the same contained by the skin, and predisposes to skin cancer. An interesting fact is that exposure to radiation surrounded by mammography leads to low-grade inflammation and predisposes to breast cancer!
The difference is principally the cell they arise in, but the principles aft cancer is the same. For instance a cell that multiplies but doesn't die, creates a lump set as a tumour. This can be benign, what makes it malignant is its skilfulness to spread to other areas.

If cancer has spread, for example from the lung to brain, next the biopsy from the brain cancer will show cells that resemble lung tissue (in a serious sense). Obvioulsy different tumours have different outlooks, but this is as much dependant on locality to other structures as differentiation of the cancer.
In tablets, carcinoma is any cancer that arises from epithelial cells. It is malignant by definition: carcinomas invade surrounding tissues and organs, and may spread to lymph nodes and distal sites (metastasis).
A sarcoma is a cancer of the connective or supportive tissue (bone, cartilage, round, muscle, blood vessels) and soft tissue.
Please see the web page for more details on Cancer, Breast cancer, Skin cancer, Lung cancer and Colon cancer.

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