Acne products?

i am a 15 yr old boy who is have some trouble treating/preventing/controllin... my acne. i have celebration skin, and often draw from whiteheads and pimples around my mouth and on my forehead, which is very unpleasant. i just want to know what the best product is for clear, smooth, acne free skin?

benzoyl peroxide is amazing (and it's cheap). It comes surrounded by a little bottle, you can find it in the neighbourhood the face mop up, and stuff. It usually works within 2 or 3 days, and if you use it regularly, it will distinctly prevent the acne (my boyfriend used to have really fruitless acne on his back . . . he doesn't anymore).
proactive it really works
i choice i knew too...i use clearisal and it kinda works, not the best though..sry im not that much of a big abet!
I don't want to sound close to a commercial, but get Pro Activ. That stuff WORKS! You can even buy a generic Pro Activ at some drug stores call Clear Action. It works just as powerfully for less money. Use it twice a afternoon and give yourself a week or so. You will see results, I promise!
Well, my boyfriend have kind of bleak acne and we used clinique, and it really worked. It also leaves your skin feeling verbs and fresh. Try not to eat as much greasy foods. It could explanation acne, or touching your face alot. When you start the steps of wash your face, create sure you change your pillowcase. && stick beside the instructions and do it everytime your supposed to usually at night and morning and it should clear right up=]
proactive or use elemente- is a product of e. excel company and created by dr. jau fei chen. but proactive is my first choice so try it in a minute! okay im not an endorser but this works
I know you want a "magic solution" which some those have already given you the designation of some products, but if you notice most of them read aloud or have the word "wash" within their answers. That's because is what it boils down to. Keeping your skin clean and free of excess organic skin oils.
When germs that normally lives contained by our skin and oil mix they grounds a minor infection in your pores.
Is not what product you use is how repeatedly you use it.
Good Luck!
acne free its the same as pro busy but cheaper and also works
Before Using Isotretinoin (accutane) / Accutane and Pregnancy.

In deciding to use a pills, the risks of taking the medicine must be weigh against the good it will do. This is a conclusion you and your doctor will make. For isotretinoin, the following should be considered:

1. Allergies:
Tell your doctor if you hold ever had any unusual or allergic impulse to isotretinoin, acitretin, etretinate, tretinoin, or vitamin A preparations.

2. Pregnancy:
Isotretinoin must not be taken during pregnancy because it causes birth defect in humans.

3. Breast-feeding
Isotretinoin should not be used during breast-feeding because it may raison d`¨ētre unwanted effects in nursing babies.

4. Children
Children may own the side effects of back, united, or muscle pain more normally than adults.

5. Older adults
Older people may own a greater risk of problems and adverse effects when taking isotretinoin.

Information on the development, history and heritage of Accutane:

Accutane and Pregnancy: Guidelines for Females
1. Accutane and Pregnancy
2. Accutane and Birth Control
3. Accutane and Breastfeeding

Accutane and Pregnancy
When I was growing up I used Clearasil - ask your pharmacist if they hold this or something similar.

Here are some good articles on more intuitive treatments that may help you:

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