The later time I have sex wasin june 2006 I get a hiv exam contained by Setp. 2006 and it be glum. Am I hiv denial?

I had be in a relationship and June 2006 be the last time we have sex but we were have sex way formerly that unprotected. My test within early Sept come back distrustful. I am not having unprotected sex again. Does that suggest I am Hiv negative

It can bear up to 6 months. go go and get tested 1 more time to make sure.
it s a tricky request for information hiv can lay dorminet for up to 10years ..
so get regular check ups and gossip to your doc about the kicker pills that give support to fight it rotten ...
Get tested every six are not out of the woods yet. Better secure than sorry (forgive the old cliche).
It is a tumultuous time. Be locked, always use protection.
yes if the exam said no than u do not have hiv. if you want to double check you can turn to a different place to get blood work done to engender sure. there is nil wrong with going and getting tested again to engineer sure.

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