Does anyone here suffer beside anxiety or hysterics attacks?what measures do you clutch to cure it?

my symptoms are:tightness in chest(as though something terrifically heavy is resting on it),difficulty within breathing(at times i even hold my breath for so long that i dont realise i'm doing that),feeling desperate for no finicky reason and chronic worrying.i know it isnt much but its interfering beside my day-to-day is also suppressing my entail to have fun and enjoy myself.please does anyone know whats going on and what i can do to remove this from my system?

Yes , I had that for a few months until my doctor give me Paxil, i know, i know lots of people here dont close to prescription drugs , but it really helped me control my anxiety attacks (which are far worse than hysterics attacks) and now i own been sour them for almost a year and never had to use them again
The best point is to go to your doctor, and exercise more and drink healthier things too. And if it get worse, like alucinations, GO TO THE DOCTOR!
You can any take drugs, or transformation your life, germ with your diet.
What you devour affects your mental functioning. By choosing certain foods, you may be better competent to balance your stimulating and mental health. The food we munch through affects the neurotransmitters, thus changing our moods. In charge to adjust the foods you eat to control your moods, you call for to understand a few simple principles. Certain foods act close to a physiological “switch” due to the nutrients in the food. It is the combination of the protein, carbohydrate and flabby (macronutrients) content, and the vitamins and minerals (micronutrients) that affect your mood.
1. Stop thinking
2. Focus on your breathing
3. Stop worrying
4. Address your aversion or avoidance of fun
5. Stop suppressing

Many of us grew up in strict homes where on earth fun wasn't permitted. That was when we be children. As adults, we can enjoy ourselves.
Yes, I use Lucinda Basset's concepts. They comfort me.

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