9 week ripened thoroughly weezy?!?

just wondering if anyone can hand over me any advise. i hold a docs appt on monday but just looked-for to ask if anyone has a similar problem or have any ideas what it could be. he is extremly weezy especially as feed times he has also developed for a moment cough. wot could it be? i have allergies and seasonal asthma, could he hold the same or is he to immature? we are really beging to worry presently. any help or insist on would be much appreciated. thanks x

If he can cry it is probably nought to worry nearly. (If a baby can cry their lungs are open). The little guy is most potential congested. But if you notice he can't cry or have difficulty breathing when crying or turns blue go to the ER to gain him evaluated. Be sure to keep your Dr.'s appiontment and capture him checkout.
if its extreamly bad or its worrying too much to keep on til' monday take him to the E.R.

when you nurture him sit him up more then u typically it'll help for a while bit
he prob. just have a upper respitory infection, or a common cold but it could also be asthma
if you really don't consistency comfterable waiting til monday you can take him to the E.R. and still save the apt. you have on monday (most e.r. docotrs will speak about you to follow up with ur usual doc in a few days anyway)
A diagnosis of asthma is unworkable at this age because the airways or not fully developed. It is most likely an upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) or bronchiolitis. Both conditions are cause by viruses and treatment is supportive (i.e oxygen and fluids if needed). It your bub except feeding well/ increased respiratory rate next to considerable effort/ very irritable I would recommend bypassing the dr and visit the emergency department.
If you are going to wait, use a humidifier or sit surrounded by a steamy bathroom. Try to keep him sitting up as much as possible. Honestly, at 9 weeks, I would lately take him to the ER. It is better to be protected than sorry!
Mommy of 1 w/a lot of resp. problems.
Read the first two answers! He's not too young to own allergies or asthma, but at 9 weeks, what else is he eating excluding breast milk or formula? If you recently introduced cereal, it may be a wheat allergy. Does he achieve wheezy before or after feed?
Does he have a frenzy? Is he otherwise cranky? Is the cough productive (is he spitting up junk from the lungs?)? Does he own a runny nose? If so, is it clear, pallid or green? Is it thin or gluey? Is he having trouble sleeping? Both the ER doc and your regular doc will want answers to these question. One thing you can try is a humidifier--they cost going on for $30/40 but you will use it more often than you surmise in the first 5 or 6 years of his natural life. If you don't have the money for the ER or a humidifier, whip him into the shower with you (watch the river temp), and if you have any menthol or camphor (like Vicks), put small amount on your chest and consent to him breathe the mentholated steam for a few minutes. If you don't have money for the ER and your baby's condition get worse, take him anyway.a "public" hospital is excluded to turn you away, and if you make plans to pay envelope (they'll suggest something too high!), you set the amount--as long as they receive that amount every month, they can't turn you over to collection. Most hospitals charge outrageous interest if they can, so if they won't work with you, and you own a credit card with lower interest rates, use that and maintain your commitment to pay it past its sell-by date.
Most importantly, your baby picks up on your vibes. You are sensation anxious and worried. Your baby doesn't know why, but if you're impression that way, his infant mind tells him to consistency that way too. Take a vast breath, a cup of chamomile tea, and chill.

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