When a entity have a heart attack does a stroke follow adjectives the time?

Not necessarily. A heart attack is when a blood vessel in the heart become blocked and deprives the heart muscle of blood flow and oxygen. A stroke is the same piece except the blood vessel that becomes blocked is surrounded by the brain. A stroke could be called a brain attack since it is purely like a heart attack.

The two don't other follow each other, but if a creature has clogged arteries, any can happen if a clot breaks loose, it in recent times depends where the clot get stuck, the heart or the brain.

No. Though a heart attack and stroke are similar, they are very different. For a heart attack, a clot stuffs up coronary surrounded by your heart causing element of it to shut down due the lack of blood flow. The same happen during a stroke, except in the brain. Both are dodgy but may not happen consecutively or within the same time.
I don't judge so. I think though that society who are prone to heart attack are probably more likely to suffer a stroke. Not because of the heart attack but because of their physical condition which may own led to the heart attack.
No, this is not the casing at all. It does come to pass for sure, but not all the time. Not even most of the time.
No, logically not. They are two entirely different matters. A heart attack comes from the blockage of a blood vessel. A stroke is cause by an aneurysm in the brain.
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