Samanilla Scare Please Read?

ok my family and i found a red eyed slider tutrle so we kept it and we got a ank and everytihng but we started to get scared if we should keep it due to Saminilla(Spelling Error) and so INEED TO KNOW THE SYSMPTOMS OF SAMINILLA and EVEN IF YOU WASH YOUR HANDS AFTER,CAN U GET IT IF U HAVE CUTS ON YOUR HANDS like if u had a cut and handled the turtle but washed your hands after will you be affeted PLEASE HELP

Most turtles do not have salmonella. Some states banned the sale of pet turtles do to a few isolated cases. Overboard in my opinion. I had a pet painted turtle that I cought in a pond for over 10 years. Salmonella is a bacteria. If you have any open wounds look for redness, swelling, and puss. If the bacteria is ingested it may cause nause/vomiting/diarhea. Chances are you were not exposed to salmonella, but to be safe you should thoroughly wash your hands after handling the turtle and apply neosporin to any open wounds. You can clean the tank with bleach. Bleach will kill salmonella if it is present, but make sure to completely rinse and dry the tank before putting any animals back into it so they dont get sick from the bleach.

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