104 point frenzy, conjunctivitus contained by both eyes, headache, neckache, discomfort within glands, nouns. What can it be

Sounds viral, depending on age and how long you've had it.
Whoever it is who have the 104 temp, this needs to be brought down right away. The rest can wait.
Sounds viral to me. Get some tylenol ar advil within the person asap. Try a cool sponge hip bath too. Get that fever down, that's the most considerable. Almost sounds like flu, but it's not the usual flu season. I'd suggest getting to the ER if the hallucination doesn't come down within an hour of tylenol and a cool hip bath. Take off as oodles clothes as possible, and do NOT cover up, that will trap heat and lift the body temperature.
Treat overnight next to Tylenol, cool baths, fresh air, liquid, etc. My daughter has of late been through a virus next to these same symptoms. Because her eyes were involved, I took her to the doctor to be sure, and I would suggest that you do matching. Hope the patient feel better soon.

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