AIDS do i enjoy it?

I shared a cigerette with someone who have AIDS do i have it in a minute??

I just spent roughly speaking 20 minutes answering another question around HIV/AIDS -- I used to be an HIV/AIDS educator, and it's a topic remarkably close to my heart -- so, I'll answer your question, and afterwards I'll post the response that I put in for the other press:

You cannot contract AIDS -- AIDS is a syndrome -- that means it's a group of symptoms cause by something else. Among the symptoms present for a diagnosis of AIDS are a CD-4 Count that is severely negated (usually below 500), and opportunistic infections including bacterial pneumonia, cytomegalovirus, kaposi's sarcoma, and oral candidiasis.

You can contract HIV. Hiv is the VIRUS that can LEAD to AIDS -- but, it's not Aids. HIV is contracted by contact near blood-based fluids of a person who is a delivery service of the virus. Blood-based fluids include blood, semen, and vaginal secretions.

You cannot contract HIV from saliva, unless you're doing open-mouth kissing next to somebody who has HIV, and both of you hold open sores (as may go off when brushing your teeth). You cannot contract HIV by sharing a bathroom, eating utensils, or cool contact (hugging, shaking hands, sharing seats).

So, contained by short -- no, you can't contract AIDS from a person by sharing a cigarette. It is, however, possible to contract HIV (the virus that cause AIDS) IF that person have open sores, AND you hold open sores, AND the cigarette come into contact with fluids from the clear sores in the other person's mouth, AND the cigarette come into contact with fluids from the sympathetic sores in your mouth.

***Now, I'm pasting the response to the other grill I answered, which will give you more information more or less HIV and how it works ***

HIV is sort of freaky.

It's a retro-virus. It works by using the body's own cells to build more HIV cells. The cell it uses is call the CD-4 cell. It's part of the immune system. HIV is harmful because the CD-4 Cell is specialized to tell the rest of the body that there's an invader.

If HIV attacks and uses ample CD-4 cells, they (the CD-4) can't reproduce, and they body won't endorse (sufficiently) that HIV is in the body . . . so, it may man a response, but not satisfactory of one, or fast ample.

Because of this -- it can take YEARS (sometimes even 10 years) up to that time HIV can be detected . . . for some tests, it doesn't if truth be told look for the virus -- it looks for the body's response to the virus (and if the virus is attacking the part of the body that recognize that there's an invader, it can't arm a response).

Even though somebody may not test positive for HIV (because the body hasn't man a response), they can spread it to other people. Even though a being may not know they have HIV, they can spread it to other nation.

If there is ONE HIV virus cell surrounded by a human body -- ONE cell (that's like, 1 hundred trillion billionth of the size of a teaspoon) it can latch on to those CD-4 cell, and reproduce . . . it just take time before there's satisfactory for us to see (or, there's enough of a response from the body for us to see).

Even though we can't see it, it can still be transmitted . . . even though the number of HIV cell (called the "viral load") is low, it can still be transmitted.

If he was told that the number of HIV cell in his body (his viral load) be so low that he was powerless to infect other people, the health-care provider who told him to be exact either a cheat, or is incompetent.

That man should know that having sex beside others after having be diagnosed with HIV, and any misleading them regarding the diagnosis (or, not unfolding them about it) can be (in most states) charged as attempted murder.

It's interesting to make a note of that while the cases are few and far between, there enjoy been some remarkable breakthroughs surrounded by the treatment and prevention of HIV.

A child was born of a mother who be infected with HIV. Before the kid was born, the mother be treated with a special medication, and when the babe-in-arms was born, the infant, too, was treated beside a special medication. The baby did not develop an HIV infection, because the virus be unable to attach to the CD-4 cell, and was not sufficiently expert to reproduce.

In order to product more HIV cells, the virus have to latch on to the CD-4 cell, at a certain spot. Some African American associates lack that special spot (called a surface protein) on their CD-4 cell. That means that the virus is unqualified to reproduce in their bodies . . . the CD-4 cell is untouched, so it can recognize that the HIV doesn't belong near, and it can attack it . . . but the person can STILL transmit the virus (even though it doesn't reproduce, and even though the numbers may be fundamentally low, in their blood).
Get knowledgeable.. U cant get The Hiv virus by drinking by smoking... If you dont gain educated roughly this you will get it.. Use a condom when have sex.
Good luck's spread through blood and sexual fluids
No that's casual contact...can't acquire it that way. Don't verbs yourself to death. There is no track you could have contracted it that approach.
Did you perform oral sex on him? Did you enjoy sex with him? Stop man stupid or one day you wil achieve AIDS.
Not really, I hate to speak it but if you had a fresh brand new cut on your lips and the personage that had HIV/AIDS saliva come in contact beside that cut, the virus may have gotten contained by to your system. But you would need quit of bit of the virus within your system to worry roughly speaking getting HIV/AIDS virus. But if I had to transmit you yes or no, I would say no you don't enjoy to worry.

If you similar to you can always get hold of tested now and later in 6 months and later 1 year after that.

Take Care and I hope that this helps
YES, travel to the ER right away!
no you do not but you should get tested ifd you grain that way

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