Isane dizzy/fanitng spells?

Iv been enormously dizzy and almost fainted lately./ Ive have these spells scince my 1st period. But ive found lately, when im on stage for rehersal(its a play) I found that im shaking dizzy and hardly able to hang down on to consicesness.

I faint roughly every month and I HAVE SEEN 2 DOCTORS!

The only meds im on is the apri birth control to regulate my hormones.

Whats cause this?

I used to get fainty dizzy spells and thought i be anaemic or hyperclychaemic... but i got tested and wasn't. I used to walk see gp's all the time and they couldn't really find anything wrong next to me. Some just told me that that's how i be..
Maybe get yourself tested for the above...
If not, it is probably only just the hormonal change contained by your body from getting your periods, combined near some nervousness of getting on stage... When you first bring your period your body go through a lot of change... Even giving you shyness, that you may not have have before, its the period though that changes your perception onto things and the way you permit people see you...
If it not spell related, and maybe its a short time ago a case of vertigo, later take hold a sugary drink, water near sugar even helps when touch like faint or gaterade is great to boost your system...
maybe you enjoy anemia. better check your hematocrit and RBC count in the hospital...better draw from also a complete blood count...
I know what most likely cause this: it is fear or anxiety. I draw from fear when I am attacked by bandit , but I turn the fear to excitement when I do live performances.

The notion is to use the anxiety to improve your deeds. However, unless you want to play the dead body, the actual faint bit does not help much.

Maybe, you will carry a part surrounded by a Living Dead movie?
Request a Cat Scan. Another thing it could be is that you subconsciously are a moment ago very troubled before you make. Have your doctor(s) run blood test on everything! Also, survey webmd website until you find an answer. If you try all this and still can't find an answer, see a psychologist. You could own some type of hidden psychological problem. Trust your instinct if you assume there is something wrong medically, you are probably right!
It sounds resembling stage fright. Perhaps try paying close attention to your breathing and be sure that you are breathing deeply and getting plenty oxygen to keep your brain "awake". You may want to investigate doing some visualization technique to calm your response to the stage. Maybe cram some yoga breathing techniques to use when you open to feel dizzy. I might suggest a couple of sessions near a behavioral psychologist who can teach you some technique to keep yourself collected in a perceived stressful situation. I bet one or two sessions would be incredibly helpful.
Do you drink diet pop? or injest other products beside artificial sweetners in them? If you do you may want to stop and see if that stops your symptoms.
When I be in my teens I started getting dizzy and blacking out. The doctors could not find anything wrong. This progressed into me have Grand Mal siezures. Dr.'s decided I be epileptic. I found out aspartame causes these symptoms and stopped drinking diet pop. Since I stopped I hold never had that problem again! And I did question paper it, After about 3 years of individual siezure free I drank a diet pop to see if it would cause me to own a siezure and it did. And after being siezure free for around 14 years I accidently tested it again. A person hand me a pop at a convention, It was diet and again I have a siezure. If you want to check it out do a search for anti-aspartame sites. Hope you bring better. Best of luck!
Some one is missing something. Please keep getting tested and consequently get tested some more.

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