Am i going to die?

i just took a handfull of pills of my friends pills and drank a immense coffee , and i just found out they be adderal, and a my friend just give me a tab of acid , he said it would quiet me down until the pills wore off . But im staring to hear this ringing nouns and seeing shadows . i dont know what to do , he said i cant go to the hospital cus hell return with in trouble cus they be his. So im not going . i just want a remedie of some humane , or potion . taht will relaxe me while i digest the pills .

damm go to emergency room, dont even read any more answers here in recent times go !
There is no "remedy". Call 911 or own someone sober take you to the ER or you are going to die from an amphetamine overdose. If your "friend" is more concerned around getting into trouble than saving your go, then he is a loser and is not a true friend.
Why the heck did you do that? Do you hold ADHD? Because if you don't then that's bleak. Go to the ER, now! Call 911!
please please travel to the ER yeah he will get surrounded by trouble but i dont believe that he will end up within prison for it! you could've over dosed on it which can lead to passing!! YOU SHOULD NEVER TAKE ANYONE ELSE'S MEDICATIONS! do not drink anything or eat anything until you stir straight to the ER NOW! DO NOT TRY VOMITING EITHER..
go the emergency room please
Well to live is to die at hand is no life near out death
Call 911 presently
dont be ridiculous. get yourself to a hospital. your little friend would influence the same piece if he cared abt ur vigour. would he rather that u die than receive caught with those pills of his? what be u even thinking taking those amt of pills. GO TO THE HOSPITAL NOW! besides, the hospital doesnt have to know that the pills be ur friends and either path, get urself treated presently. u have a choice, play doctor at home or hold the advice.
Go to the ER. If he's going to try and murder you with a chemical cocktail he deserves to return with in trouble (and remuneration for your medical bills). Don't die because he's a moronic jerk.
Go to the hospital, protect yourself already!
own a few beers and you'll be fine. Alcohol helps to cleanse your system. If you die, appropriate luck!

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