Alternate Constipation & Dysentery. Less consumption constipation is cause & Sufficient consumption Dysentry cause?

When I eat smaller quantity results in Constipation and When I put away sufficient Dysentry is caused. With dysentry some times blood comes from anus and sometimes it comes from lower intestine mixed beside mucus or stool. Some time I feel pressure integral the day But Discharge is totally less when surrounded by toilet or equivalent to nothing. Please relief me.

It sounds like irritable bowel syndrome, where on earth you alternate between having diarrhea and constipation, as economically as pressure/pain in your lower belly. Check out this site: Talk to your doctor though, just to be sure. Those are serious symptoms and you don't want to play around beside them. There are medicines, diets, and exercise that help they symptoms. Hope this helps.
you give the impression of being to have the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. You requirement to see your medical doctor as soon as possible and get an nouns to find out exactly what is wrong in your intestinal system. This is not middle-of-the-road and can lead to severe dehydration. drink wet mixed with mineral wet 50/50 and drink more than you think you requirement. Your body is being depleted of adjectives of its minerals and liquids.
Dysentery is a serious disease. You should move about under diagnostic test e.g stool exam,ultrasonography or colonoscopy.

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