Whenever I have carrot or apples, my throat gets really sore. Although my doctor said I wasn't allergic...? Is it commonplace...?

Take small bites, chew well and munch through slowly. Both are high surrounded by fiber and starch and the human body doesn't break down either thoroughly well. It doesn't nouns like an allergy to me, more approaching your body telling you to travel slow.
We are no made to be in backache.
Ya. Some people resembling yourself have sesintive throats. The sometimes cors surfaces of apples and carrot can cause soreness contained by the throat because as the go down the rub against it. If even when you crust the apple or carrot your throat is still getting sore, it could meen that you have a dry throat and that the juice are irratateing it a bit. So dont worry. Youll be fine

Never hear of that one... I would say that the soreness is not plausible associated with allergies.

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