Acne treatment??

Does anyone know of an acne treatment that works?? I already tried proactiv and it doesn't work! I just idle my time on that stuff. I hate my frontage. Please somebody help!!

If you hold not been to your doctor, do step, they have some great stuff at the moment. Though not all treatments work for everybody. Or you could try Aloe Vera, which worked wonders for a friend of mine.
differin works
Acne and pimples is one of the most distressing and depressing problems . Soak cotton wool surrounded by mint juice, and apply every sunshine. Mix cinnamon powder with lime liquid to make a fine bond, Apply on pimples. Check out for more useful info.
move about see a doctor, seriously
my friend told me ifyou put
honey on the acne
with a bandade over it
itll clear up?
i havent tried even so, but im going to!!
ok this stuff really works, im in luv wit it lol

Clean & Clear pre-eminence acne spot treatment
If you have a huge flair of acne, more than any conventional person, you might enjoy an allergic reaction to something. I know of one long-suffering who was allergic to the carbs he be eating. If and singular if this is the case, you would enjoy a remarkable clear-up by reducing your carb intake.

If your case is the usual teen acne problems then simply a polite facial regime is what is needed. Never going to bed with makeup on. Washing your obverse in the morning and evening. There are plenty of products your pharmacist can head you to that are designed for just this sort of item, and they are over-the-counter.

I hope this helps.
Consult a doctor to prescribe you Accutane. Its the most wonderful and fastest route of getting rid of Acne which won't return ever.
Just need to cart a Accutane pill once or twice a day after meal( as your doctor suggests). Drink lot of marine, don't take any other vitamins/medicines along near Accutane. Within 1-2 weeks you will be out of Acne. After that, reduce the dosage slowly. Like come down to one pill within two days, continue for some time approaching that, if you are still not getting any new breakouts next reduce to twice a week and slowly slowly stop taking it.

I be suffering with Acne for years, and Accutane help me out for ever! in 2-3 weeks of regular use!. I only just wished I have known roughly this wonderful medince earlier, that would hold saved years of acne and the scarring they cause.
So I just want to give a hand others now, so that you and others out in attendance don't need to turn through the same suffering and depression.
Compound is Isotretinoin. You can also read almost it on wikipedia at
Reply me if you need any more info or enjoy questions.
at hand is a product that my doctor perscribed me. its called minocycline. i don't own very severe acne and it have done great. depending on how severe ur acne is, it might not work, but its worth a shot.
good luck.
try this stuff from Avon call Porfection. It really worked on my face. But everyone have different types of skin. Please if you go to the doctor and they suggest Accutane read adjectives of the side effects and warnings. I used it and it made me really depressed.
this sounds funny but try toothpaste over it and but look out leave on lone those over nite . butbe very mean not to but it all over it will dry out you skin even if u own oily skin. but this reall work surrounded by 2 days if it is a real doomed to failure one
i use clean&clear acne control wash it have benzol peroxide and it really works

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