Am worried my hubby?

finds it hard to breath at darkness and does use an inhaler he does smoke but he now complains of a dull distress between his breast bone his tummy has get a bit large over the years his job involes a lot of sitting down he is a bus driver

This is helpful of a dejavu thing. I have all the symptoms you describe that your husband have. I used a inhaler, had the dull to sometimes intense strain between the breast bone. My stomach was (still is) pooched out. And I am disabled so I do sit allot. But I be a smoker for 37 years. I quit because I got deathly bad with pneumonia. And since I get better and have laid the cigs down. And you know what? Those chest pains enjoy gone. I can breath better, and I can smell now. You can't kind him quit. He has to want to quit first for himself, consequently for others. There is a new product that you can procure from your health provider. It's call Chantix. It really helped me after I get better from being sick. Because when your a smoker, the first sign of recovering from anyone sick the mind tells the body, "let's pallid one up". And there you jump, back contained by the habit. Smoking is the culprit of your hubby's problem (IMO) Check out this website. It will share you how the chantix works. Good luck to you and him
As he thought about going to see the doctor? It could be a hiatus hernia- but i conjecture he should see a doctor and think in the order of giving up smoking.
why oh why dosn't he see his doctor, why dont you make him an appointment at a time when you know you will both be available, and stir with him to grant your support.
It sounds as though your husband should make an appointment for a thorough check-up at his doctor's surgery. This wouldn't be an tedious appointment as it will take some time and will involve blood test, etc., so he may have to settle, but it would be well worth it for peace of mind. He have several factors against him: he's a smoker, he have a stressful job, plus it's a sedentary situation, and being doing a tour all morning must mean he breaths within a lot of pollutants. The torment may well be nature's admonitory sign, so best not to ignore it. Good luck.

I dont want to frighten you, but enjoy you considered there to be something going on beside his heart? When the heart is having problems it cause pain, which sometimes can quality like indigestion, or it can be a sharp searing cramp, my point is, that chest pain can manifest it lots ways, and no way is typical.

Also the reality that he is breathless at night can also show cardiac dysfunction. As the body tries to compensate for the heart not pumping ample oxygen around the body, it makes the human being feel short of breath.

As for the considerable gut and smoking, both HUGE contributers of heart disease.

If you want my opinion ego get him to the local ED dept, as if he is have cardiac problems, the sooner the start treatment, the less possibility of permanent sideeffects.

Im a coronary prudence nurse, and so many of my patients any delayed or didnt know what was arranged... seriously, go to you doctor even, and get hold of some bloods and a 12 lead ECG at the minimum!!!...
hello at hand,

Firstly he needs to get hold of the all over check at the doctors.I know how worries you are..because my partner smokes and have recently be told he has to lose shipment..he sits down most of the day too on his computer working.It is adjectives down to lifestyle.If he is not going to stop need to plan some exersise ijn the week..nearby are some lovley walks surrounded by the area,nick up dancing.I know that mortal over weight and smoking is putting a high risk of stroke,heart attack,diabeites goes on.fOR THE BREATHING..please put a few drops of Eculiptus grease on the pillows and he will sleep..but a doctor needs to look at may be his body recounting him to change habbits.
Gastroesophageal reflux next to or without a hiatal hernia sounds close to a good possibility. It sounds as if your husband already have some COPD - chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and perhaps sleep apnea. Taking Tagamet or similar may relieve symptoms. But, as previous responders indicated, smoking, polluted environment, substantial abdominal girth, sedentary job will adjectives take their toll.

As near so many situations within Medicine, it is easy to prescribe a pill to relieve symptoms. Motivating the long-suffering to alter lifestyle is a different matter. Try to work on that.
It sounds close to you have a short time ago described my husband! He is a bus driver also! Plus he smokes and complains of pain within his chest! His stomach has be swelled for a while now! But he's stubborn and can't find him to the doctors like he should! Sometimes he scare me to death at darkness with his breathing! But I purely keep praying that he will quit smoking and see a doctor!
I have the same problem. After seeking medical guidance I realized I have bronchitis and sleep apnea. I suggest seeking medical advice. To quit smoking is the hardest point to do but I feel 100% better

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