I hold trouble breathing.?

I am out of breath almost constantly. I hold found that if I tie a belt tightly around my chest just below the rib enclose, I can breathe much more freely. It feels as if the belt is pushing something away that is to say obstructing my lungs. Can someone bring up to date me why this works or what the problem might be. What kind of doctor should I see roughly this? I don't think I can wear this belt for highly long. Its starting to hurt my chest. However, right now the strain of suffocating is worse.

You very in good health could have Emphysema. Call a Pulmonologist.
I would walk to the ER if I were you.
Otherwise engender an appointment with a broad practice doctor. You may be referred to a specialist
My grandfather used to tie a belt around where you do, however i don't remember why, i know it's not helpfull, but you should probably travel and see a doctor.I'm not sure what doctor, but probably a heart doctor or something, sorry but i'm only contained by middle school so i don't know that much. But trust me, i am smart.
Hope it get better!
I would go to the doctor rapidly to get it check out. Either give the name your primary doctor or go to the ER.

If your breathing is that bad- call upon 911

If they feel you obligation a specialist they will send you to one. The doctor that can back with breathing issues are palamologist (Not sure of spelling) I enjoy asthma and that was who I saw for a while in the past being discharge pay for to my primary family doctor.
Nothing to be said

uoy must consult Doctor specialist surrounded by respiratory disease

you might have defect in respiratory muscles or the respiratory workings it self

be aware
i think u own aproblem in your heart , i penny-pinching your seince (feelings) , so i advice you to breed alot of sex to be better.
OK, tying a belt round your chest is not a good theory it will restrict your movement, and if you having trouble breathing the belt will not give a hand!
It sounds like you requirement some help i would move about to A+E and get checked out, they are the best populace to see if there is an instant problem, if you then turn and see them and they find nothing wrong etc after go and see your GP and see what they enunciate if necessary they may refer you to a respiratory specialist. It could resourcefully be a symptom of asthma you may like to ask? see www.asthma.org.uk for more info
Please don't sit at home as it could economically be serious problem with your lungs or heart ( as this can be a symptom of a heart attack)
'The American Heart Association and other medical experts read out the body likely will convey one or more of these warning signals of a heart attack:

Uncomfortable pressure, fullness, squeezing or niggle in the center of the chest stable more than a few minutes. '
Good Luck
you need to see a doctor IMMEDIATELY. this type of niggle and struggle with breathing is not mundane, not even for someone with a chronic breathing condition. the belt solution is not a solution at adjectives and you could be doing some serious harm to yourself. please please please give the name your doctor or go to the er RIGHT NOW. if you be to describe yourself as having "strain of suffocating" to an MD, they would wonder what took you so long to get nearby!

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