Am I suffering from sinus ?

I've easily tip out ill when the weather change or it will start fom a sore throat.Often the GPs will prescribe medicines for adjectives flu and these flu / fever will end for few days to 2 weeks or it will be " on and off " for a month.Recently I'm have a relapse of such flu and it has be bothering me for three weeks. I've "heavy chest " , headache on my left d¨Ścolletage , on and off fewew esp. during dust and cock-crow and one of my upper tooth started to feel sensitive..Need and answer asap..thankfulness.

Sounds like cronic sinus infections to me near some lung infection and maybe an ear infection. Sounds approaching you also need to transformation drs. What is he giving you for this "flu" cause flu is viral. For bactrial infections you call for antiobotics. But for a viral infections antiobotics do nothing. To relive your symptoms try taking an allgery pill close to Clairton and something to break up mucus like Mucinex (guaifenesin) and tylenol for the distress and drink plenty of water. Hope you consistency better soon.
DO this.

1.) Buy orange liquid 100% no preservatives or additives.
Drink a lot of that (vitamin C)

2.) Make a particularly spicy Hot dish, eg. try frying rice and putting a lot of chillies surrounded by it.

3.) Go to your GP and ask for a better anti-biotic.

4.) take a day(on the weekend) stale and spend the day surrounded by bed, under heat up blankets.

5.) stay positive and it will go

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