17weeks and fruitless chest anguish?

i dont know if my pregnancy has anything to do near this or if it is a seperate thing but i have problems sleeping last hours of darkness because my ribs and my chest was hurting.It feel like i enjoy been kicked within the ribs,my chest feels immensely tight and im very short of breath and cant filch a deep breath within without mortal in discomfort.i didnt do anything to exact it,it just seem to creep up on me when i was trying to go and get to sleep.what does everyone think?any thinking?

Doesnt sound similar to its anything to do with your pregnancy unless its indigestion/heartburn which is adjectives.

It sounds more like a chest infection which would have need of treatment, see a doc.
I think you should turn see your GP. It could be any one of a number of things. The point however is to rule out anything serious, above all as you're pregnant.

Hope you feel better soon.

Oh, and dutiful luck with the pregnancy! :-)
I assume you should see your doctor as soon as possible just to carry it checked out and give you piece of mind. It is probably nought, but get it checked out hon, only in luggage. Have a great day.
You have need of to get this checked asap next to your dr -could be a range of things
your heart works upto 40% harder and grows when you enjoy a baby. travel to the doc.
Could be indigestion or heartburn, but it could also just be trapped crisscross.
During my first pregnancy my mother thought I was going into toil because of the pains I was have. It turned out to be just curl.
I would check with your doc though simply to be on the safe side. Any entity your not sure of during this time should be referred to your doc.
If it came on over hours/a year or two, particularly if it started beside a headcold, it is likely to be a simple infection.

If you hold asthma, it could be an exacerbation of asthma.

If it came on suddenly, outstandingly if you have have a sore leg in the concluding few days, it could be something more serious like a pulmonary embolus from a philosophical vein thrombosis.

If it is a PE from a DVT consequently there is honourable treatment available for that, but it is a matter of urgency to see a doctor and carry treatment.

There are loads of other things it could be, like a pneumothorax, which is where on earth air get in between your lung and lung pool liner causing the lung to shrink.

You should definately see your GP awfully soon. If it came on suddenly, you must engender sure you see a GP today.
i dont think anyone on the Internet would be sure or could make available you an answer

please see your doctor esp if your pregnant

just to be sure

obedient luck love and peace
severe heartburn can give sour chest pain, also toddler sticking foot up under ribs intermittently, chest agony should always be checked out though so speak about your doctor next prenatal check up.
Wouldn't be surprised if you be carrying a son.
Don't know the technical word for it but conceivably you have a problem near your lungs, The lungs are sealed together and within side the lungs are pockets of air, these pockets may explode at any time cause the seal to break apart which forces nouns in to the chest and ribs, this cause you to breathe very heavily and can be tremendously painful. Also in that is another way of finding out is by lying down on your side and after you can grain frequent bubbles popping and moving up your chest, you should get this checked out because surgery conceivably needed in some cases as this happen to me quiet recurrently hope this helP's you a little and honest luck ps the best result in staying away from the strain is lying in bed and not moving the later time i had this i stayed contained by bed for 2 months, good luck once again
With individual pregant I would contact your doctor.

If your chest is that tight you might want to consider visiting the ER to put together sure everything is ok. It could be just the babe, but it might be something more serious. It is deffinately something you should talk to your doctor something like.

I know I have asthma and my chest can obtain tight. One thing that does backing me on those nights is in actuality getting a beanbag chair and placing it on the bed. I put a pillow underneath my head (that road I dont hear the little beads inside it scrape if I shift) and sleep in a sit up position. It does assist me sleep better.

With you only self 17 weeks along it is to early to discern all that movement approaching the kick within the ribs that can leave you breathless. Unless you are farther along than you stated.

Yes it could also be heartburn that can do these reactions. I know I have terrible problems beside that with my son. Did not own morning sickness with him, but did enjoy heartburn.

You ddi not mention if you have a cold of any sort. That also can affect your breathing. There is in recent times to many things that it might be and we are not medical advisors.

My suggestion to you is just GO TO YOUR DOCTOR lone he/she can tell you if it is something more serious. Please post what the doctor said so we will adjectives know you and baby are ok.
This sounds resembling either pneumonia or a pulmonary embolism. I would desire medical advice straight away.
When your doctor, repeat doctor, has ruled out adjectives likely explanations, it is worth considering whether the rib-cage have shifted out of position.

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