What is the best innate remedy for severe psoriasis.?

My Sister is 20 yrs old and her psoriasis is so doomed to failure it breaks my heart. She recently developed psoriasis and its controlling her go. She is taking a shot that is bloodbath her immune system. Please I need some colloquial alternatives!!

Essential Fatty Acids/Omega 3
Most people opt for sunlight or phototherapy.UV lights also give a hand psoriasis but since they mostly emmit UVA rays, most doctors would not recommend this.

I have worked at the number one tanning salon contained by the nation for several months, and have notice an increasing amount of psoriasis patients comming in to relieve their discomfort. I asked one client if it was helping their skin, and indeed, she said "it's similar to a miracle nap"
I hope this helps Over the years i enjoy tried almost everything including all types of lotions and creams, diets, serious potent medication including methotrexate however side effects outweighed the benifits and full blood counts and the effect on the liver and kidneys.
I remember at school sitting against a bench and my back cracking and bleeding, it be that bad.
In the end 12 months i have purchased various so called remedies stale the net and enjoy spent 1000's of dollars trying to find something that would give me nouns.
3 months ago a friend put me onto a web site who again claims a unprocessed remedy, sceptical i gave it ago. I purchased the out minimum as it was slightly pricey with no money wager on guarantees.
Within 4 days the scalyness and itching started to disappear and within 2 weeks my skin is on the style to a full recovery.
Its be 3 months and i want to share my discovery with the world.
Please naked in mind I don’t know if it will work for everyone but after 16 years of trying almost everything, I noticeably worth a shot.
I believe these are natural products. The lotions resembling elecon and dipersone always give me headaces with increased quanties plus made my skin dim around the effected areas. These products dont so i believe that within is no such ingredients.
I am not linked to this company as I am contained by Australia and this company I believe is in Hong Kong.
I am basically excited and I know how much everyone is suffering with this disease.
Please tolerate me know how you go.
Best regard.
N. Anderson

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