A cure for IBS?

Has anyone been diagnosed near IBS and have be cured and now can guzzle anything they wish?

IBS is a exceedingly generalized diagnosis that docs use to explain abdominal pain beside various other symptoms. More credible than not you have food allergies or your intestines enjoy a very serious overload of yeast. Many peropl are allergic to wheat and or gluten--once these foods are removed from the diet the symptoms are gone for ever. Also-there are some products at most vigour food store to help remove the excess yeast within the intestines
Is this caused by have your gallbladder out? If so, calcium carbonate pills daily will work.
There is no cure, adjectives the medications they enjoy only drop off the effects.
no cure, but I used to drink alot of pop and when I quit completely, things improved drastically. Hope this help, Oh I also switched to whole wheat bread.
Sort of. I be misdiagnosed with IBS for years previously i was properly diagnosed near Celiac Disease (by blood test), started the gluten free diet and I have never feel better! For more info see these links or email me personally.

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