Acceptance of other people's organs and blood.?

While I have no problems donating blood (except for the crap service that Red Cross provides it's clients) I enjoy no issues with donating blood. Strangely satisfactory though I don't want to accept other people's blood. If I have the choice I would not accept other people's organs prefering to die instead. I have a feeling I would be less "me" if I took someone's liver and especially someone else's heart. Does anyone else be aware of the same passageway? And if so, what reasons?

i have to receive a kidney and pancreas from a donor 4 1/2 years ago. the organs become your own,you take medication to help your body to adopt and keep the topical organs alive and healthy. i enjoy also receive many pints of blood from other nation. these days in that are so many question paper that are done on the blood that i feel 100% safe and sound recieveing other people's blood. i am proud of you for giving blood becuase one day you could free someone's life.
The legitimate test of your stand on this issue is, how would you have a feeling in the event that you are surrounded by a position that you accept blood, or an organ donation, or you will die.

Reality have a way of shifting ones opinion
i use to perceive that way until my nephew who is 4 months weak needed a heart he is my sisters only child he be on a waiting list and he recieved a heart from a moment or two girl that passed away from a liver disease she was waiting for a liver and shepassed away i imagine her parents were the most courages race i have ever met within my entire life i look at it this path now if im inert and my organs can help someone else consequently i will i am an organ doner now ,my newphew get the gift of enthusiasm thanks to that little toddler girl and her parents .the parents of the little girl felt at straightforwardness when they put thier ear to my nephews chest and herd thier daughters heart defeat my nephew is now 8 near out an organ doner he would have died i guess you hold to go thro it within order to become conscious it
If I should need it, I should warmth it. The reason may be that you could get the impression to be assembled like a used sports car? If so, silly
Welp I donated blood b4 and I don't think that I can anymore. Not because I don't want to but because after the donation I be too feeble and be in a sick and fainting state. I feel happy but bitter because my post-condition. However, I agree w/ the donating of blood and other organs. I feel as if I wouldn't adopt another organ or blood but if it was a existence and death situation I would because energy is more precious to me and I enjoy what God give me.
No,I don't think there's anything wrong beside taking someone Else's organs or blood as long as it was given freely.Life is precious,so I don't chew over there is anything wrong next to making it last longer.

(Many blessings)

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