help i stipulation some way besides proactiv to relief me get rid of it!

try AcneFree- its so much cheaper and you can go and get it at walgreens- it was AMAZING for me!
I hold some stuff that's pretty good. It's call Zapzyt.
what has worked for me and a few others is freshly johnson and johnson baby soap 2 times a hours of daylight. It does a very moral job of cleaning but it isn't a jarring soap so your face still loves you!
Try Biore rime cleanser and Biore astringent. Use it twice daily and adjust you're pillow cases once a week. Also drink lots of water!
clearasil pad clean deap getting out the dirt and grease that causes break outs.bring the clearsil products there is more the one.
Since theres no actual cure for acne. Best style, is to visit a dermatologist that can lend a hand you more indepth with your acne problem. For awhile Birth control pills help my acne, it can used to control hormones rather than what its for as ably. But if you dont want to spend that much money, a good obverse wash is historic, try neutrogena stress control wash or the acne clear up. If you have scar I like using neutrogena, acne carve fading skin.

Try avoiding spicy foods, high grease/oil foods. Do drink alot of wet and getting lots of sleep too, it does help.

If you wear makeup tryin mineral makeup instead of bulky liquid foundations that clog up your pores and brand it worse. for example bareminerals makeup, it covers your acne well, and improve your skin within 2 weeks or so.

Good luck!
honestly from experience u can spend adjectives kinda money trying to fight acne but within is nothing that will totally cure it if you are really worried more or less it i would suggest a dermatologist but if u dont wanna do that just use noxzema and that clears it up a lil but it will shift away the older you take =] GL
Consult a doctor to prescribe you Accutane. Its the most wonderful and fastest way of getting rid of Acne which won't return ever.
Just inevitability to take a Accutane pill once or twice a daylight after meal( as your doctor suggests). Drink lot of water, don't thieve any other vitamins/medicines along with Accutane. Within 1-2 weeks you will be out of Acne. After that, trim down the dosage slowly. Like come down to one pill in two days, verbs for some time like that, if you are still not getting any hot breakouts then fall to twice a week and slowly slowly stop taking it.

I was suffering beside Acne for years, and Accutane helped me out for ever! surrounded by 2-3 weeks of regular use!. I just wish I had set about this wonderful medince sooner, that would have save years of acne and the scarring they caused.
So I in recent times want to help others in a minute, so that you and others out there don't stipulation to go through impossible to tell apart suffering and depression.
Compound is Isotretinoin. You can also read about it on wikipedia at
Reply me if you inevitability any more info or have question.
I used to have an acute bag of acne when I was younger for heaps years; it covered

my face, put a bet on, chest and posterior. I eventually healed myself minus the use of

drugs. I cured myself through DIET.

-This is what you should avoid/elminate:

fried foods
White bread/flour
starch combinations during the same lunchtime (e.g. potatoes and pasta)
soda/carbonated drinks
sugar/corn syrup
soft foods (processed foods)
hydrogenated oils (in processed foods)

-you should increase your intake of:

fruits/vegetables, preferably life (you should have a salad a sunshine, at the least)
8 glasses of dampen a day
adjectives foods
black and/or brown bread (whole grains)

-you should have a stability, of 80% alkaline forming foods, to 20% acid forming

foods. (mostly fruits and vegetables)


Basically, your eliminations are poor/sluggish; thats is why some citizens can get

away near eating scantily, but you may not. The reason shifting your diet to the foods

below will help is because your drinking foods that are much easier to digest and

elminate than those above.

I would check out Edgar Cayce; without his direction I would probably still suffer


He also said you can help yourself through osteopathic adjustment to your spine,

he said this can create imbalances within your nervous system (if it isn't surrounded by proper

adjustment) which will affect everything else. I haven't done this yet, as it is

expensive; but I assume when I do, I will be capable of better digest the

aforementioned foods. Through DIET ALONE I have be cured for a number of years.

Don't believe the nation who say it doesn't effect it, I swear to god this will

comfort. It helped me. =) worthy luck!
Isotretinoin (accutane) Information & it's Side Effects.

Isotretinoin (the generic name for accutane) is used to treat the most severe and disfiguring cases of nodular acne. Most Doctors would solely recommend this treatment only after adjectives other forms of acne medication have be tried and proved unsuccessful.

Serious Accutane Side Effects
1. Birth Defects
2. Psychiatric Diseases, Depression and Suicide
3. Central Nervous System Ailments
4. Liver Damage
5. Hearing/Vision Problems
6. Accutane Pancreatic Damage

More detailed info on this page:

Information on the development, history and birthright of Accutane.

The medicine and health information post by website user , not guarantee correctness , is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for any medical conditions.

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