1. Please rewrite this pathway using full words whereever appropriate.?

Jane Smith was admit to a hospital
yesterday. Jane c/o a severe abdominal pain 2 days PTA. She have N/V a few times. Her PE showed signs of Appendicitis. Her V/S were as follows: T = 38 Oc,
P = 102 bpm, R = 26 tpm, and BP = 114/70 mmHg. Jane’s physician admit her for an Appendectomy and gave directions of CXR, CBC, LFT, U/A, and NPO.
Appendectomy was perform in OR
for 45 mins. Jane be transferred to
RR and then to Surg Wd.
Her surgeon ordered D5W 1,000 cc v
drip 30 d/min and Paracet 1 amp IM for stomach-ache prn q 4 hrs. Jane’s D/C order includes Amoxy (500 mg) 1 boater O tid pc for 5 days.

More homework?
I could if I know medical lingo.
I can't tell you adjectives the abbreviations but i deffo take the gist. Woman bought in next to abdominal pains, complaints of two days. Temp 38deg Pulse 102 Respirations (breathes) 26 (this woman is in pain) bp is low at 114/70. Which is why the surgeon have asked her to be given 1,000 saline drip. Paracetamol to be given by intramuscular route i.e injection rather than tablet. Also amoxy which will be short for amoxicilin (antibiotic).

She be in theartre for 45 mins hold her appendix removed then when to taking back before individual transferred to a surgical ward. Test have ben done on urine output, blood etc.

Seems pretty straight forward. Jane should make a full repossession!!

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