About 2 weeks ago, I was diagnosed with both temporal and periotal lobe epilspsy.?

I would like to know what to avoid as far as over-the-counter medicines, physical activities (I am already prohibited for driving a car for 6 months (AGGH!) and any other information anyone might have. I have already had 2 grand mal seizures.



Your doctor should have given you this information, and an exact listing would depend on the medication you are using to control the seizures. As a general guide, though, you will have to avoid pretty much all the OTC medications for colds,sinus, flu, etc- diphenhydramine can trigger a seizure, or make them occur more frequently. About the only thing you can take fairly safely is Tylenol and asprin. Anything else you really ought to clear with the doctor first. The pharmacist can also give you the best info on drug interactions, one who is familiar with the prescription drugs you are taking is best. The same advice goes for the herbal treatments and supplements, which can also interact with your medication or trigger a seizure. In short, you really do need to clear it with the doctor before you take anything in this line.

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