I own a cold, any suggestions?

I have a cold and if it keep up and I still have it tonight I hold to miss a party. Any suggestions how I can attain rid of it?

Probably a nasal anticongestant will help, but except that teh cold is self limiting and needs to run its course.
Soup, nasal spray, hot showers, vitamin C pills, ginger juice, cough drops, liquid, liquids, liquid!

the traditional: chicken soup
dont drink or eat anything cold
cough drug and something for the throat like strepsils or hall
if you keep sneezing and your proboscis is stuffy take something for the sinuses
Your cold will return with cured in 7 day's time, on it's own. if you dont run medicine.

Take tablets, and you can cure your cold, just surrounded by one week.
don't take a hip bath...
Drink a lot of dampen. Take 500mg of chewable vitamin C tablets once every 3 hours for at least 2 times past your party.

Ace =)
Stay surrounded by bed. Eat soup and Salad. V8, some OJ Rest Up all sunshine then right be for the delegation get up and Try an Alca Seltzer. As long as your not alergic.

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