(stopping smoking)...is it okay to use a nicotine inhaler while wearing a nicotine patch?

NO!! You should never use two nicotine suppliers at one time. If you read the directions on the Patch box, it will tell you to never own a ciggie while you have a patch on or chew a piece of nicotine gum. You don't requirement the nicotine that bad. Too much nicotine is fundamentally bad for you (any nicotine is doomed to failure for you but too much will make you impressively sick).

My hubby quit using the patch. He smoked a pack and a half a daytime. My father in imperative did too.

There are some great medications out near to, like Zyban.

Quitting smoking isn't of late getting off the nicotine. It's getting bad a whole craving. You might find that you'll have to adaptation a few of your other habits that you do while you smoke.

Call your doctor or bid the Heart and Stroke Foundation for info on quitting. Like I just said, it's not only getting off the nicotine, it's a lifestyle adaptation. But it's a change for the better.

Since my hubby and I both quit (I quit cold turkey) we hold a lot more money to spend on our kids, or going out for dinner, or other things.

Any of the "quit smoking" aids work as long as you are equipped to quit.

Good Luck!!
i would just stick to one. dream up im going to try the inhaler.is it any good??
damn this none smoking!lol x
I would influence no I've looked on the back of a pack of patch and it says not to use more than one patch at a time so that you don't exceed the stated dose! so using both probably isn't a polite idea. Good luck near quitting x
No, you have to choose one method of nicotine replacement. As the patch is a long acting substitute you shouldn't have need of to use any other additional nicotine source. Overdosing can impose palpitations etc
my advice is to of late use one or the other

when my brother stopped smoking he used the nicotine inhaler, he said it helped near the habit of smoking such as while out drinking instead of reaching for his fags he get that out
he said it was better than patch and gum
No. Don't do that. An overdose of nicotine will give you closely worse than palpitations - including projectile vomiting, headache, sweating, dry mouth, diarhea, AND palpitations. A friend of mine who doesn't smoke read that nicotine was a stimulant and thought it might be a route to be more alert for studying...not so much. He was so sick, he missed the exam.

Therefore bear one or the other...and if you do start smoking again, stop the replacement method while you're doing it.

Good luck and congratulations on your choice to quit.
I think that the product tell you to not use other products when using that one - so, no, it isn't okay!

A couple of years ago I tired the patches and found that they worked exceedingly well - BUT - I completed up with huge red circles on my arms that made me look as though I have been eat by a giant mosquito! It was immensely uncomfortable and while they did work near the craving side of things, they really didn't make me have a feeling as though that was the agency to go.

You own to choose only one method, I'm afraid - and when you do choose, remember that you can't own a ***, either. If you be in motion 'cold turkey' then you do hold the option of have a *** - but that depends on how far you want to take the undamaged thing!

Another piece that you need to be aware of is how various fags at which strength you were smoking. If you be aware of that one system is not supplying you with enought nicotine, consequently maybe the method that you hold chosen is not right for you.
No i wouldnt because you can have a Nicotine overdose it sounds silly but its true

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