After returning from india can i call on a friend who have pneumonia within hospita?

Sure unless you have some bug that make kind your friend worse.
Why not? If you don't visit your friend he/she will probably touch disappointed and let down
Unless you own symptoms of any illness you may hold picked up your self or you have be in direct contact beside someone who may have a transmitable disease / disease a then there's categorically no reason why you couldn't.
As long as you enjoy not been contained by contact with any disease that would put your friend at risk here is no problem.
If your passport is up to date, I would assume you have the right to travel freely within "hospita". Wherever that is.
Absolutely! Most hospitals own systems in place to protect their patients and people from each other. You may enjoy to wear a mask to protect your friend germs or viruses that you may be carrying and will be expected to rinse you hands both back and after visiting. I strongly recommend that you don't lug flowers as they carry germs. Mylar balloon are a very cheerful and long permanent alternative if you feel compelled to pocket anything. Your friend will be truly great full that you took time out for you day to spend time to call on. So I strongly urge you to go. Enjoy.

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