Allergy: What is an over the counter decongestant?

Is there an over the counter decongestant explicitly non-drowsy by chance?

Benadryl and Claritin are NOT decongestants. They are antihistamines. They row the allergy symptoms, but do not un-stuff your nose.

Nasal sprays are habitually more effective for that.

The best decongestant out here is Sudafed... or, for a generic brand look for the ingredient pseudoephedrine.

It's hard to find contained by a 12-hour form, because people use it to cause meth. You have to sign for it very soon.

There is a new substitute for it call phenylephrine, which you will find in some of the spanking new cold medications.

Here is a register of what is available out there:
Claritin is non drowsy. The individual thing that definetly will bring drowsiness is Benadryl. Robitussin makes a wonderful decongestant i.e. non-drowsy. But, I love Tanafed only prescribed by your doctor.

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