I hold pimples since my period contained by private portion my and after and I dont know why?

I have pimples contained by my virgina before and after my period and I dont know why ? so can any one help me infer if this is normal or not. I enjoy been using dettol a short time ago for bacteria

Answers:    I own gotten them ON my vagina.. but rarely surrounded by them. It's normal.. most women return with them, they just dont' own the guts to say anything. Dont' use anything on your Vagina (medicaly) in need consulting your doctor. You will mess up your natural symmetry of things down there, and could possibly build it worse. Or.. maybe you started it by messing up your be a foil for without knowing it? Start ingestion some yogurt.. or go to a healthfood store that sell the Live Active Culturs in Tablet/Pill form. That will aid you to restore balance to your Femine nouns, and don't use medications unless your doctor say too. (like for a yeast infection, or something.. i'm sure that's o.k. to medicate). lol.

But.. another thing that really help me... Do you have a Removable shower manager? you know, the one with the hose attached? bring back one if you don't.. and make sure you capture up underneath yourself and rinse everything really well after you hose. The regular shower head basically doesn't clean it as powerfully. After I got mine, I will never enjoy another one. I love it. :)
ive heard of around, but never contained by,
sorry babe,
mabey try to look it up on a website for things like that.
I hold gotten one near that nouns. It appeared the day of my length and left the ending day of my spell. Never heard of one individual inside. If you need some closure, simply go to your doctor and ask him or her.

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