Is there a net site that you can put in a individual information and it tells you if they own HIV or AIDS? Just asking because they got so lots web site that tell all ur business.

As I have a handle on your question, you want to know whether near is an online database of people who are HIV positive and/or hold the AIDS virus -- so that a person who, articulate, wants to date someone else, can look up that potential partner contained by the database to see whether they have tested positive.

If that's what you're asking, the answer is: No. There is no such item.

Testing is confidential. There are no databases that disclose the names of society with infectious diseases -- any HIV or any other disease.

(If you're asking whether a person can find out online whether they enjoy HIV or AIDS, by inputting information, others have already answered that correctly: you can solely learn whether you own HIV or AIDS from a blood test.)
AIDS and HIV are things you requirement to be tested by a doctor to determine if you have..not plugging information into a website.

Most county office have an anonymous conducting tests system that is adjectives done by code numbers and not names and address.
no i dont think so.
that giving if information is confidential so i doubt it.
the only place that have that kind of info is that folks medical records
No walk to a clinic for a blood test DON'T transport any chances...
very well there is this webside call upon the history of aids that tells you every item about sex aids infections everthing it will facilitate you it help me alot

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