Aids / hiv?

if u sleep with someone beside aids without protection is it 100% that you will find aids coz i think it is but some ppl dont come across to think its 100%

IF you sleep near them and ANY of their bodily fluids (such as blood, vaginal, or ejaculatory) come into contact with you after you 100% will contract HIV/Aids.
well it's compassionate of hard..most promising 98%. but i suggest even if that person have it you dont. do it with them....
... what's aids / hiv??
oOOhhh. duh
yes 99.9% you can influence 100%
it is very potential the person will capture it too=some people contemplate they are safe ,after "bang"=anyone who wants to play around ,should hold protection
aids its aids but we are diff rent people some of us own defiance more than other
aids/hiv is passed in through fluids, so if you sleep near somebody who has it after you will get it.
Its not 100%...but its VERY likley. Like, probably close to 100%.

Theres probably not abundant cases of people have unprotected sex with somebody who have HIV and not getting HIV themselves.

So your sourt of right... but its not always 100%.
No, it isn't 100%. In medical science, vastly few things can be said to be 100%. HIV transmission is DEFINITELY not one of them. If you enjoy unprotected sex (oral, vaginal, anal) with someone next to HIV it does not mean you will other be infected.

Whether or not HIV is transmitted between partners depends on abundant factors, here are basically three:

- what stage of HIV disease is the infected person within and how much virus is circulating in their body fluids. Someone who is HIV+ and on antiretrovirals may enjoy an extremely low amount of the virus in their body fluids. The more virus surrounded by the body fluids, the more infectious the body fluid, the higher the risk of the infection person established in the uninfected partner.
-are their microcuts/tears/abrasions surrounded by the lining of the mouth, vagina, penis or rectum of the uninfected partner...these would greatly increase the risk of nouns as these avenues would provide an entry point to the bloodstream of the uninfected partner IF they came into contact next to HIV-infected blood, semen, vaginal fluids, or breastmilk.
-does either partner enjoy a current STI, as studies have prooved conclusively, the risk of HIV nouns is greatly increased if either party has an STI (the lesion from the STI can act as a direct portal to the blood stream bypassing the mucous membrane/skin.

There are tons cases of long term sexual partner in the untimely years of the epidemic (and even today) where one partner be infected and the other never was despite the reality they were not using barrier (condoms). Proving that HIV transmission is not 100%. We also know that a extraordinarily small percentage of the general population have a genetic mutation that they were born near that seems to lessening the likelihood they will be infected beside HIV or that the disease will progress VERY slowly if infected.the mutation changes the shape of the CD4+ cell that HIV prefers to attack and infect.

We also know that it is much easier on average for (in a heterosexual relationship) a man to transmit HIV to a woman, than it is for a woman to transmit it to a man. 4-6 times easier according to reputable studies. Anal sex, whether practiced by heterosexual couples or gay couples is higher risk than vaginal sex because the inside layer of the rectum is more delicate than the vaginal wall. But even here, nouns is still not 100%.

HIV transmission rates are no where on earth near 100% for a SINGLE conduct yourself of unprotected intercourse. However, it is very possible that one work of unprotected sex can transmit the infection, and there is no course to judge beforehand, if infection will come to pass or not.

These are the facts. Hope this helps

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