Am I a Hypocondriac if im other exhausted?

Ive been call one because im constantly tired and feel approaching **** in standard

No, a hypochondriac is someone who always think they're sick, but they're actually on form. It's a mental illness. If you're constantly tired, it's something entirely different. You're one called a hypochondriac because the creature thinks you're worried nearly nothing, and you other think something is wrong next to you.

If you're always exhausted, you may hold chronic fatigue. You can see a doctor about this. There may be another factor that is to say causing your nouns, and a doctor should be able to find the problem.
A hypocondriac is when someone have unfounded beliefs that that they are suffering from a serious sickness.

Look up Mononucleosis "Mono" or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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