"Yes, physician, make well thyself." If you can't backing thyself, why reflect on you can reclaim the world?"

Please, answer this WITHOUT using any quotes from the Bible. Thanks.

I am confused. Is this supposed to be a philosophical question? Religious?

Surgeons can't get something done surgeries on themselves. Doctors can't heal themselves. There may be some conditions that they can self-treat, but not masses.

Why would that impact their ability to alleviate others?
I don't know of ANY Physician, who is being honest next to himself, that would say he have ever "HEALED" someone... Physicians just put together it possible for the person's own body to heal itself.
If you can't assist yourself, you can't help anyone.
Everyone should do their best to preserve their body and their world. Sometimes we are more successful within some areas than in others. Someone who have a terminal disease can still recycle and reduce their consumption.
Doctors don't dream up they can save the world. What do you own against them anyway?
you are stating "hey ,heal your self and quit relating others how to"

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