Am i growing or is somethign wrong near me?

k well im 13 turning 14 authentic soon and lately i havent been civilized about anything. ego tried to wrok hard on my shcool work resembling i use to in 1st-6th class but i just dont seem to be to care. sometimes i bring this dizzy feeling and surface like im gonna miss out and im always tired even thoguht i receive over 8 hour sof sleep. si somethign wrong with me? or is it factor of going through puberty please help

you're a teen. It sucks. The angst that you are dealing beside sounds like a traditional response to the influxing cash of hormones in your body. However, it could be a result of oodles other things. It could be your nutritional levels. Are you drinking healthy meal? Are you eating plenty? Unfortunatly, i do not know you personnally well adequate to give you a better answer.
Needing more sleep and underprovided motivation can be a normal segment of being a youngster, but the dizziness is not. Tell your parents about is and go and get checked out for all of your symptoms, they may be related.
Friend,... the simply thing wrong beside you is your spelling. Wow! try to stay awake long enough to clear attention in english.
Have you have a physical lately? If not, ask your parents to make an appointment beside your Doctor to find out what's going on. It could be that you're just going through hormonal change, but it's always best to be sure and rule out anything serious.
You might entail vitamins. You should go to your doctor and be sure you're not anemic or something.

If you consistency depressed or helpless, like nought you do matters, you should agree to your parents or guardians know so you can speak to someone about depression.

If you're tired, sleep. When you're growing you want as much rest as your body asks for. When you get to extremes is when you should verbs.

If anything that's going on feels wrong, please tolerate an adult know.
It could be that you are growing.But it also could be a medical problem.enjoy you talked to your parents in the order of it?It might be a good concept to go see a doctor.To be nontoxic.
I have be anemic all my natural life pretty well. That way low iron. Sometimes your body won't absorb the iron you devour and sometimes it won't because your eating something to stop it from absorbing into your system. I used to woozy all the time especially when I be in a hot environment. Low iron make you weak and can kind you dizzy and sick to your stomach. I as an adult embezzle iron pills daily and that keep my iron level well-mannered. If the pills didn't work than the doctor would have given me a syringe with medication that would work better. It could be you're depressed roughly something at school or home and explicitly why you don't care and perceive tired or it could be if you drink or take drugs and I trust you're smart plenty to know that would be a very stupid article to do to yourself. Tell your parent you would like to see a doctor and hopefully you will capture the answer that you're looking for. If you don't receive an answer keep going to different doctors until you capture an answer. I hope you feel better soon.

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