Alcohol on acne?

ok... so i want to try this whole alcohol item for my acne... what kind?? not resembling beer... but what kind of alcohol should i use for my frontage and how often to apply... should i wear it when i be in motion to sleep? that kind of stuff... thanx...

Vanessa B

Let me report you something not many general public know,
When you try to wash the grease off your dry-clean using soap or
any store brought product what happends is it sucks up alot of the natural oil
out of your skin, and what happends when that occurs? your
skin go into over time trying to reblimish the lost oil
and doubles the amount, your pores depart up more to get more of the grease out and air contained by so let me back you

Ah ok well my mother have the same problem as you,
and permit me tell you what she did to brand name it stop,
this is a home treatment of course, the with the sole purpose thing
you may stipulation to buy is a lemon if you dont already have some within the fridge,
what you want to do is get some lemon and squeez that
sucker into a tiny bit of honey, and mix that adjectives together, put that
into the area where on earth you want treated and wait 5-10 mins and than valet off,
the lemon works great as a toner and as we adjectives know toners are
great for tighthing the skin and even better for your pores to look
smaller, the honey helps as an evener, it will even out the top-heavy
skin tone and also sooths the skin,This teachique not only destorys the pimples you already
hold but it also helps prevent them from coming up again,Drinking alot of hose
every day also help alot :) Well I hope this helps <3 upright luck
-- Love Vanessa
Alcohol is very drying and injurious - i found this recomendation that seems more sensible:
"Arnica 6c is your remedy - I hold used Arnica for your problem successfully. The method to be used is to get this remedy contained by liquid form.

Get a 500 ml bottle of drinking dampen and decant 100ml from it. Put surrounded by just 1 drop into the dampen and bang it easier said than done on your palm. You should observe that the wet fizzles like when you unfurl a bottle of soda. This is the method used in Homeopathy to potentize the marine and this banging have to be done 3 times before you thieve a dose which is 1 teaspoonful twice daily.

You should consider that your acne disappears in a week and the bonus is that Arnica also promotes the growth of curls and also promotes deep sleep if taken concluding thing at dark.

No coffee, cola drinks and any preserved meats resembling ham bacon sausages which contain saltpeter."
Good Luck!
removes the oil build up
but it is summer and bring out into the sun that will help you abundantly
NOT alcohol. Alcohol over dries your skin therefore making your skin produce more grease b/c of the over drying. Try Clearasil or something with saylic sour 5% or benzoyl peroxide.
Alcohol like rubbing alcohol will massacre the bacteria that cause acne. You can apply that in small amounts next to a cotton ball, mop it on.

The problem with alcohol however, is that it will also dry out your skin. To combat that you can use a obverse cream. I use Avon's face cream. I use the "vita moist" and "rich moisture" and alternate between the two. I use one, sooner or later, and the other the next. Their both correct, but they work in different ways, one have proteins in it that relief rebuild the skin and the other one have vitamins in it that preserve the skin from being destroyed.

You can find those face creams past its sell-by date the avon website here:
Their cheap, only 1.99 a container.
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